Community Animators

Community Animators volunteers there to advise all MakeHaven members on projects and show you how to use the tools. They are at MakeHaven for you 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday.

  • Electronics - Looking for new annimator (Apply Now)

  • Woodworking - Tuesday, 6pm. Lior Trestman is an advocate for making a better community. If he is not volunteering at the bike coop or working on his startup he is at MakeHaven in the woodshop showing people safe tool use or teaching techniques

  • Laser Cutting, Brewing and Bike Repair  - Wednesday 6pm -  Steven is there to show you how to use the laser cutter or 3d printer  and James does double duty both teaching people the ancient art of homebrewing and simple bike repair.  

  • Craft / Sewing - Thursday 5pm, Catherine Cazes-Wiley is a hat designer and crafter. She is from France but has taken to her new home in the USA by volunteering to teaching marketable crafting skills people with disabilities, exiting homelessness or who are settling refugees.
  • 3d Printing and Fabrication - Thursday 6pm - Colin Bunting is an engineer and designer. He has built lots of drones, can bend a laser cutter or 3d printer to his will and has entrepreneurship in his blood.


Lior Colin Catherine


  James Steven


Not sure what an animator does?  They are volunteer who in exchange for a free membership offer to be at the space three hours per week and work to inspire activity and engagement from the membership. They animate the community, they animate the membership. That means they are there to help you figure out how to move forward on a project if you are stuck, to give you new ideas and to create example projects that inspire others to follow in their footsteps.



Want to be an Animator? Apply Online.