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MakeHaven Individual Membership: $50 /month, secondary househould members at $25.

Employee groups have a membership program.


Step 1 - Apply


We encourage anyone considering membership to come by to our Tuesday night (7pm) open house. Once you have created an account and been approved you we will be notified and followup with a welcome email. 

Step 2 - Setup paymet

  • Standard Membership ($50 per month)

  • Student Membership ($35 per month)

Step 3Orientation

We setup a time (typically Tuesday at 6pm) to do the paperwork and offer the opportunity to do a training on the 3d printer or other machines. Email to setup a time.


Members includes:

  • 24 hour access to space
  • Use of machines
  • Tool orientation and trainings
  • Personal storage box
  • Free and discounted workshops
  • Access to special member only events
  • Inclusion in a supportive community of makers


There are other many benefits of membership as outlined in the membership guidelines

Other Membership Types

Corporate or Familly Memberships

Intrested in Corporate Membership for multiple people? We have options avalible. 


Group Membership

The Grove - MakeHaven Partnership

Fellows Program

Scholarship Application

Gift Card


Please note that membership is not a donation and therefore not tax deductable. 



MakeHaven Scholarship Application