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Meet Jordon, MakeHaven's New Team Member and Public Ally

We are really happy to welcome Jordon Rambert to the MakeHaven team. Jordon joins us through the Public Allies program, and will be helping out at MakeHaven with a focus on entrepreneurs of all kinds through June, 2023. Jordon is typically in the space Monday-Thursdays during the day, and can be reached at jordon.rambert@makehaven.org or @Jordon_Rambert on Slack.

Here Jordon introduces himself:


Making It Through 2020

2020, it’s been a year, right? There have been serious hardships for many people. I don’t in any way discount the very real and difficult losses felt but so many. But also, it feels remiss to not acknowledge the examples of resilience, kindness, and bravery that this year provided. And, I’ll admit, some good news is needed. So allow me to highlight some of the positive moments to come out of MakeHaven this year.
When supply chains went down, makers stepped up