Prusa Mk3 3D Printer

The current 3D printers are a nightmare to deal with. Whether clogged nozzles or user error they seem to be breaking a ton.

What I'd propose is to get one kit, set it up and try it out for an extended amount of time. If it works out, it may be a worthwhile investment to get another one. $749

The machine can be run in standalone or using Octopi. The advantage to standalone is there are many more robust features like resume on power failure, etc.

The price tag is higher than the Monoprice machines but how many has Make Haven purchased in the last few years? I know of at least one that's seen the dumpster. The older I3 definitely needs some love (at least a new build surface).

Wish Type: 
New Equipment
Wish Status: 
In Development


Also, happy to assemble this guy if and when we do grab one.

We may want to consider an upgrade to a pro grade printer. Modix sells several kits in the $4 - $6k range. We'd have fewer, but they'd be more reliable.

Thanks for offering to build it Jared. I ordered one kit. Lets see if it is as reliable as we hope. It it turns out well we can budget to replace the most problematic printers this year.