Artspace New Haven

Founded in 1987 by artists, we center community-building and education while providing a platform to present the work of visual artists in the city of New Haven. Artspace’s exhibition and commissioning programs encourage experimentation and civic discourse while fostering appreciation for the vital role artists play in improving our community.

Make Haven

MakeHaven member Ruby has being working on using the CNC machine to mill out blocks for very large prints. Her work is on display at a exhibition in Artspace called Footnotes and Other Embedded Stories. She will show the art and discuss the process of how it was made.


Meet at Artspace, 50 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510

Kate Cebik
Open Public

Footnotes and other embedded stories takes its point of departure from the tiny number that leads to an adjacent text at the bottom of a page. Within research, a footnote acts as a hypertext—disclosing a source, highlighting a reference, tracing a line from thought to thought. Outside of academic contexts they arise in conversational tangents, offering readers, viewers, speakers, and thinkers the opportunity to delve deeper, to embed themselves within the root of the text.

Ashley Zdeb
Partner Hosted


70 Audubon Street 


The Sandbox is a multipurpose space for Greater New Haven based artists and activists to use for free to practice, learn, record, present, and perform their craft. A space for creatives to be creative.


Ashley Zdeb
Partner Hosted

Windows in Conversation: 

Looking Through The Reflection

Curated by Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez

As part of The Open Source 2021 Festival, Artspace is looking past its gallery walls onto the streets of the Ninth Square, seeking conversations with our neighbors; commissioning three Greater New Haven artists, Amira Brown, Alexis Robbins, and Elida Paiz, to create video installations challenging the dichotomies between interior and exterior, inside(r) and outside(r), belonging and not-belonging.