Community Biology Initiative Online Launch Celebration

Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 6:30pm

Join us to learn about an exciting new initiative to bring biology to makers. 


Community Bio Initiative Draft Statement of Purpose. 

New tools of biotechnology will change our world. These innovations in biotechnology can improve lives if accessible to everyone.

We are launching the MakeHaven Community Bio Initiative to cultivate a community that brings ethical creativity to biology and democratizes access to biotechnology.

The community supports cooperation on biology projects, and hosts activities that cultivate enthusiasm for biology in the public.


Components of Initiative

The facilities supporting this initiative include: kitchen, brewing system, workshop space and bio room with lab equipment.


Community Bio Room Brewing / Kitchen / Community Garden Device Development Public Education Activives
Access to tools to empower group and individual projects in biology. The understand practical application of biology outside the lab. Machine shop, 3d printers, electronics fabrication for prototyping custom biotech tools. Workshops, talks and artistic exhibitions that engage and educate the public


Launch Event

This launch event brings together those interested in participating in the initiative and shows the available resources.



Maria Chavez
Board Member, President

Nora Pyenson

Biologist and MakeHaven
Volunteer Coordinator

Usha Pillai

CT Biotech Resource


6:30pm Welcome and Purpose, JR Logan, MakeHaven Director

6:35pm Speed Introducitons - Name and Connection to Bio

6:45pm What is Community Bio Movement - Maria Chavez
(David Kong who was previously scheduled had an unexpected family obligation)

7:00pm. Virtual Tour of Community Bio Room and Equipment - Nora Pyenson, Volunteer Facilitator

7:30pm  Accessing Support for Biotech in CT - Usha Pillai 

7:45pm. Educational Events/Activities in 2021 announcements

7:50pm. Discussion/Brainstorm

Discussion questions

  • What activities are possible and most exciting?
  • What partnerships and connections should we be developing?
  • What improvements can we make to our draft statement of purpose?





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