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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 6:00pm
To event remaining 56 days



  • Introductions

Primary Topic: New Member Recruitment

Recrutiment focus: Increasing engagement in underrepresented communities.


All MakeHaven members are welcome! This will be a virtual meeting due to the pandemic. Link to come.


Updates / Review Previous Actions Items

  • Previous Meeting Action Items Review
 What   Who  Status   Comment /Link  
Lior to develop an outreach Slack channel to post events and volunteer opportunities for members.  Lior Complete  
follow up with Lior to develop an event kit/go-list including button-makers, more example projects, etc. Mark Defered  
Schedule a follow-up meeting to develop more intentional relationships with outside organizations Kristen Defered  
Explore in next week’s Education Committee Meeting → set up a structure for a quarterly member skillshare. Members and facilitators can sign up to host intro classes and Members can sign up for $5, for example. More opportunities for members to gain access to intro classes. ? Ongoing  
take LeadInstitute a monthly or bi-monthly new member potluck. Clancy / JR Superseded  

Avalible Statuses: Active, Defered, Superseded, Abandoned, Complete 

  • Ongoing - Active, Happening now, ongoing.
  • Priority - Active, happening now, top of list
  • Defered - Not happening now, but keep on list to do later.
  • Superseded - Something changeed so task is now moot, or done differently.
  • Abandoned - Give up on doing it.
  • Complete - It is done, acomplished.


Review / Updates on Activities (10 minutes)

Consider Specific Priority Outreach Activity  (20 minutes)

  • Which actions can be achieved by volunteers?
  • Which will have most impact?

Determine Tasks for Priority Actions (15 Minutes)

  • Are we taking any actions individually or in smaller groups? Who and What?
  • Next steps for committee? Who volunteers to do what?



When capacity of event is full you may join the Waiting List. For online events a link to join the session will be automatically emailed after registration.

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