Qua-leaf-ied Creations: Make a Fall Themed Resin Tray

Friday, October 20, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
28 days remaining
Event Age Requirements: 

18+ and minors 13+ with Guardian Supervision

Legal Guardian must be present and a waiver must be signed on behalf of the minor. makehaven.org/waiver-minor

Just in time for Fall, learn how to create a fun, festive, resin Autumn Tray with Audra of Motherhood Creations

Usable as a serving dish (it is food grade safe), jewelry tray, center piece or anything your heart desires! Each person will decorate this 12 x 5 wood tray with materials like: paper butterflies, foil, crushed glass, achorns, real leaves, birch pieces, resin leaves and of course anything you want to bring! Please note: if you want to include paper or a picture please laminate beforehand as the resin can change the color if not protected by lamination. 
Once your tray is decorated with it's desired pieces, each person will learn to mix their own resin (with or without glitter/color) and pour to seal the tray. 
Audra will be your teacher, walking you through every step of the way how to create your very own Resin Tray Masterpiece!
No experience necessary. All materials provided. 
Trays need 24 hours to set and will be available to pick up the next day after 1pm. 
General Public: $92
Partnership members: $83
MakeHaven members: $78
Real name: 
Audra Cannizzaro


Instructor Bio: 
I have had a passion for art ever since I was young. There was something about hand making gifts for my friends and family that allowed my creativity to come out and feel like I was giving them a unique gift. Fast forward to now, I am a wife to wonderful husband and a mother of 3 beautiful children. Although my most precious creations will always be my children, I found myself needing a creative outlet. I have always been intrigued with the idea of art in 3D form, so I started dabbling with resin in the basement of my Wallingford, CT home and completely fell in love. Being inspired by the endless possibilities of resin art, Motherhood Creations was conceptualized.There are SO many beautiful ways to use resin. I create anything from keychains, coasters, and nightlights to coffee tables, wooden wall decor, vanity trays and more! But these are just the things I make on days I want to create. My favorite work is custom pieces. Motherhood Creations is all about making memories last a lifetime and creating custom art for my customers has quickly become my passion. If you can dream it up, I will work with you directly to make it come to life.

1st Floor Room

This educational room has seating and tables suitable for instruction away from the noise of the main workshop. It is located on the first floor of 770 Chapel Street. Guests should ring the MakeHaven doorbell, then proceed down the long hallway. When you get the main MakeHaven staircase by the double elevators, rather than go downstairs, proceed through the double glass doors, take a right down the hallway and you will see a room with a big robot sticker on the door.