Water Rocket Competition

Sunday, October 1, 2023 - 2:00pm
9 days remaining
Event Age Requirements: 

18+ and minors 13+ with Guardian Supervision

Legal Guardian must be present and a waiver must be signed on behalf of the minor. makehaven.org/waiver-minor

We will try again next year.

Get ready to soar into the skies with MakeHaven's inaugural Water Rocket Competition! This family-friendly event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and engineering skills, while having a blast (literally)!
Join us at the serene Rice Field near East Rock Park, where the open space will serve as the launchpad for our thrilling rocket competition. We encourage all participants, whether solo or in groups, to bring their own two-liter bottle which they have transformed into a spectacular water rocket using add-ons like fins, cones, parachutes, or decorative elements of their choice. You may use your own Gardena Quick Release Nozzle or with $5 registration we will make you a 3D printe nozzle to pressurize your rocket for take-off. 
MakeHaven will provide the launch platform. We will be launching from from this kit. MakeHaven will provide a 3d printed nozzle that fits the launcher. Participants will be able to choose the amount of water and will be responsible for pumping in the air pressure with a bike pump. Pressure is limited to no greater than 120 PSI. 
But this isn't just about blasting rockets into the sky - it's also a competition with several award categories:
  • Best Design: This award will recognize the most aesthetically pleasing rocket. Creativity and originality are key!
  • Highest Flight: It's a rocket competition, after all! This award will be given to the rocket that achieves the greatest height.
  • Longest Hang Time: This category is all about how long your rocket can stay in the air. A successful parachute deployment could give you the edge here!
  • Best Engineering: This award will honor the most innovative and effective engineering design, as demonstrated by flight performance.
Judging will be carried out by a panel of MakeHaven staff and volunteer members. We'll be using a combination of visual assessments, time measurements, and altimeters for the various categories. Please note that while we will be giving out awards for these categories, there are no material prizes - the real prize is the fun and knowledge you'll gain from participating!
We strongly encourage participants to build their rockets in advance, possibly even as a fun group activity that can include the entire family. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to have fun, learn, and engage with the MakeHaven community. Ready, set, blast off!
Participants must abide by all safety instructions and guidelines provided by the event organizers. All children must be accompanied by an adult. MakeHaven is not responsible for any damage to personal property or injury resulting from participation in this event.  Due to air space regulation we will be limited to rockets that reach altitudes of less than 400ft (which should not be a problem for any standard water rocket build). We will be in a public park, all rockets must be designed to avoid damage to people or property. If you are considering a highly engineered rocket which could go more than 400ft in the air let us know, we will work on figuring out how to accommodate it with a launch location further from the airport.
Location: Rice Field East Rock
If you need inspiration check out:
$5 to participate, FREE to view as an audience member
We look forward to seeing you and your rockets at the event!
Real name: 
J.R. Logan


Instructor Bio: 

J.R. is a cofounder and executive director of MakeHaven, a nonprofit makerspace and FabLab in New Haven, Connecticut.  J.R. has a history of nonprofit leadership at United Way, in New Haven he currently serves on the board of the Eli Whitney Museum and Elm City Innovation Collaborative. He has been involved in local environmental initiatives and is an advocate for urban river restoration and access. He has earned a master's degree in Public Affairs from the School and Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University with a focus on nonprofit management.


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