Stationary Equipment

Computer Cybersecurity & Privacy Analytic Tools

MakeHaven members are increasingly interested in cybersecurity, penetration testing, malware discovery, and software exploits. Privacy-auditing methods, such as static analysis, are intertwined with effective cybersecurity, and also require an understanding of technology such as the Dark Web. Researchers from Yale Privacy Lab have set up this area of MakeHaven for workshops and projects at the intersection of cybersecurity and privacy.


MakeHaven hosts a home brewing community.


Join the next community brewing session to learn the craft, enjoy tasting and connect with other brewing enthusiasts. No experience necessary. Check Slack #brewing and for upcoming activities.


Fume Hood

The 40” Wide Ductless Spray Booth provides a negative-pressure hooded enclosure for fume control. These systems utilize powerful fans and a variety of high-quality filtration media to provide effective source-capture of airborne contaminants. HEPA filtration, and Activated Carbon media help to protect the operator’s respiratory zone while also preventing unwanted particulate and odors from the entering the general work area.