Oscilloscope Demo

Open to Public

MakeHaven member Robby Blum will demonstrate some basic principles about the use of the oscilloscope. This a fairly informal demonstration is idea for anyone who knows a little about the oscilloscope but has not used the one at MakeHaven. Anyone with general curiosity about how an oscilloscope is used is also welcome to attend. 

Free. During Open House. No RSVP required.


Arduino Prototyping - An Introduction

Registered Attendees Only

Arduino Prototyping For Beginners

Sunday, March 5th, 2017


Max enrollment: 6 This class is $10 for General Public and $0.01 for MakeHaven Members, MH Members will be reimbursed the penny.

If you're brand-new to Arduino and electronics, this class will get you started prototyping your first circuit.  We will use an Arduino UNO to make LEDs flash in fancy patterns at the push of a button.

We will cover:

Leather Work and the Laser Cutter

Members Only


Michael Zieff has worked with leather for many years as an artist. Since joining MakeHaven he has incorporated laser burning designs and cutting leather patterns with the laser cutter. He will demonstrate techniques he has learned and walk through the process of producing a decorative leather patch and sewing it to clothing. Members may participate in producing their own designs as space allows.

MakeHaven Maker's Social

Members Only

Sunday Maker's Social is an informal monthly event for MakeHaven members to gather and work on projects.

Members are encouraged to come in and share what they are working on, socialize with each other and give short demonstrations on techniques or building processes.

If you would like to lead a short, demonstration, contact Tambira by SLACK or email for scheduling.

This is an informal maker's social.