MakeHaven Fellows Program

The mission of the MakeHaven fellowship is to connect local philanthropists to eager makers. Donors fund the membership and budget activities of fellows for a year. Fellows apply to MakeHaven and must demonstrate drive and capability to create something engaging during their time as a Fellow.  Fellows are required to provide monthly public update blogs on their projects. The sponsor is acknowledged in the public work of the fellow. Any amount can be donated to this program but being named as a sponsor of a fellow requires a  $1,000 contribution.  Donate now.

Sponsors will have:

  • Opportunity veto MakeHaven's proposed selection.
  • Recognition as the sponsor of a fellow

Fellows are expected to: 

  • Complete a project that inspires others of the period of a year
  • Post to MakeHaven blog monthly updating on progress
  • Recognize sponsor when appropriate in communications

Successful fellow applicants will receive:

  • Recognition publicly as a fellow
  • Membership to MakeHaven for 1 year
  • $400 toward materials or classes in support of project

Fellows are added as funds become available. There is no deadline for submitting an application.


Fellow Application