Remote Control Car build

I'm forming a small project team to customize a remote control car.

Specifically, I propose we design a car from chassis up and fabricate much of it using the makerbots and laser cutters. I'd like to recruit someone(s) with electronics expertise to help with custom circuitry.

These cars are really cool. I've built a 1/18 scale electric that hit 60. We could exceed that, if the team is determined.

Perfect "vehicle" to learn more about Inventor and the makerbots. I'm thinking weekly meetings, but I'm open to ideas. I'm also flexible on project goals.

Dreams to Make (Making a Makerspace boardgame)

I'd like to see if there is interest in trying to design a board game. The goal would be a game along the lines of the modern "German-style" board games. My basic idea is as follows:

1) The goal of the game is to make a successful Maker/Hacker space, probably with the end of game coming at a certain number of members.

Ribbon Cutting Rocket

We are having our relaunch monday and we want the mayor to have something better than a regular ribbon cutting to kick it off.

One idea is to build a simple air powered rocket. We could decorate it with MakeHaven bling and fly it into a tower of cans or something? 

There are some great plans out there but they would take some work (for example:


3d circuit printer

<p>Get Reprap working properly (calibration and everything)</p> <p>Possibly add additional extruder(s). Experiment printing with conductive polymers to make 3d circuit components.</p> <p>This is just for fun for now, but maybe this might give way to a more versatile form of 3D printing.</p> <p>Open to any suggestions.</p>

DIY Stedicam


Is anyone interested in building their own StediCam? I just threw one together last weekend. Some specialty parts like gimbals and bearings would have to be preordered so I'd need a commitment. I think its doable for under 30 or 40 bucks. I would try to do this before Christmas season fires up.


eGFP Beer

Last meeting (9/11/12) we discussed making fluorescent, glowing beer by making yeast that produce one of the common fluorescent tags. I've poked around on the internet some and there a few considerations about the possibility of making this: