Resin River Table

It's a table!

A starter project involving cutting a live edge slab in half and gluing it back together with resin. This project mainly requires basic resin use and standard wood prep.

Simple Leather Bag

A simple leather tote bag that will serve many ways. This leather bag is easy to make and works great as purse or shopper. With just one yard of faux leather and little effort, you will be surprised what can you achieve.


DYI Solar Cell From Toothpaste, Tea and Donuts.

Solar cells have always seemed a little magical to me. I don't really understand how they are made except for that is is a big industrial process. I have asked people who seem to know and been told there is no way to build one yourself(the cell not just the housing). However I just happened to find this video that shows you how to build one using using donut powder (little scary to think huh?) and tea: 


Build 3d Printer

We want to build a 3d printer so we can make digital objects real. 

Status: We have ordered parts and are waiting for them to come in. 


MakeHaven Facade Facelift

We will need a party of folks to scrape, repair, and paint the front facade.  This project is very important as it's a condition to a possible donation/investment into the space by an outside party.  We need the membership to coalesce (word of the day :P ) in order to meet this goal fairly quickly. 


HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash) Automated Brewing

Project Update - August 6, 2013 - Update 1: Filtering

One of the finished brews done prior to chlorine filter installation was ready to keg, but the off flavors were strong enough to discourage it.  The jury is still out as to the cause of the off flavors, but in an attempt to save the beer, and to play around, we acquired a 0.5-7 micron beer filter.