Prototype to Production Pipeline


MakeHaven has a number of resources to help inventors move their ideas from prototypes to a mass producible item.

These resources include:

Build Your Prototype

  • Educational Workshops - Teaching basics you need to know to build fantastic prototypes.
  • Maker Guru - A knowledgeable staff member who can give advice advice and direction on building your prototype. (member only resource)
  • Content Area Experts  - Our Community Animators provide guided experiences with use of the tools in our space. (member only resource)
  • Access to Prototyping Tools - Laser cutters, casting equipment, sewing machines, 3d printers. (member only resource)
  • Startup Business Guide - A seasoned business professional who can help you figure out the next step in creating a formal business so you can sell your product.
  • Fabrication or Manufacture Advice - Volunteer experienced in working with fabricators and the needs of manufacturing for production.
  • Networking Events - Bringing together inventors, investors, business experts, fabrication and manufacturing experts.

Many of these these resources are available exclusively to members, however we invite all inventors to most of our networking events and sometimes offer special experiences to inventors outside our membership.