Room Rental

Rent the small meeting room

MakeHaven has one private room that can be rented for meetings. The room with the green wall which seats up to 8 people at tables.

Members have non-exclusive use of this room free when not reserved.

  • $50/hour, $25/hour for members.


Rent the workshop area
Use of the larger, workshop area (4 tables and the main screen) is available. Note that this space will not be an exclusive rental--this space will be reserved for your group, but it is part of a larger space that will be accessed by members.
  • $75/hour, $40/hour for members  


Rent the classroom
Use of the large classroom on the main floor (6 tables, TV w/hook-ups, and whiteboard), with bathroom on the same floor. 
  • $100/hour, $50/hour for members


Discounts available for half and full day rentals.

To request the space, please fill out this request form. Reservations require confirmation from staff.
Questions? Email Thanks for your interest!