Rentable Startup Desks for Makers




A Launchpad for Success

Rentable private desks in a makerspace with all the tools you can imagine. Perfect for startups and serious makers. 

  • $250* per month your own desk.
  • Makerspace membership included.
  • Month to month.


* $200 for members.

Need more space? 




Who is this for?

Anyone who is a maker and needs space. Through coworking we hope to incubate very early startup businesses and serious hobbyists who need space away from home to work on physical things.


What does this come with?

A desk, a chair, a rolling file cabinet, and designated work area just for you. 


Shared whiteboard, tv with chromcast, mini fridge, common tools for convenience, and printer for resonable use. Mail can be sent to our location and your company logo will be added to the door to the room with desks.


What does the Makerspace offer?

Yes, the $200 rental fee only covers the rental of the desk. Makerspace membership is $50 per month. All individuals using the desk must also have a membership.


What about Utilities?

We pay utilities. We may disallow activities that consume excessive energy such as mining bitcoins.


Do I also need membership if I have a desk?

The makerspace offers a wide range of fabrication tools as well as social and educational experiences. Desk renters can use the makerspace to build prototypes, individual pieces and small runs of products. When production ramps up and large blocks of time are needed on specific tools like our CNC or laser cutter, MakeHaven will make reservation of tools at off peak times available for a reasonable usage fee.


Why is there an application? Can I be rejected?

There is an application because we are being intentional about building a community of people making physical things. We are not accepting software startups unless it is connected to a physical device.


When can I use the desk?

Anytime. 24/7.


Do I pick my own desk location?

Yes, we have several spots pre defined and you can choose between them on a first come, first served basis. At the conclusion of the pilot if we do expand we may have you relocate in order to accommodate a different layout or grouping of makers working on similar projects.


Can I share the desk?

Yes, as long as the person is a member you can share the desk. Guests can also visit as long as they are accompanied by a member. See MakeHaven’s guest policy for more about this.


Is it secure?

We will have security cameras to deter malicious activity. We will also have a code key to the room with the desks so the room can be locked. However the nature of shared environments prevents 100% individualized security. We encourage you to use a locking cabinet for sensitive materials and consider what valuables you leave behind. MakeHaven does not take responsibility for any missing or damaged items.


Can I build a structure around my desk?

No, in order that the sprinklers give their intended protection no structures can be built. You can mount things to the wall but are responsible for repair when finished with your desk.


What does it cost?

"L" shaped desks are $200 per month, plus membership is required so, $250 total for one person.


Why a pilot program?

MakeHaven is considering investing in a much expanded desk and studio rental program connected to our Makerspace. The pilot program mades it clear that we are still developing the program and details are subject to change.


What activities can I do?

Only office appropriate activities can happen in the rental area. This includes desktop 3d printer, sewing machines, hand tools and other desktop machines which you would be allowed to use in an office environment without special setup or ventilation. MakeHaven reserves the right to prohibit any activity in order to maintain as safe and pleasant space.

I am building software or a business with no physical making component, am I in the best place?

Maybe not, we are aiming to build a maker community of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts building things. There are certainly exceptions to every rule, so there is no harm in applying no matter what your case. However you may look at others in the co-working network for your venture:  District DriveGrove CoworkingDesk CrashersThe Regus, and Health Hub.


Can I share my desk and have guests?

Yes, guests must be chaperoned and sign the standard MakeHaven guest waiver. If you are sharing a desk, it must be with another MakeHaven member.


How long is the price going to stay the same?

Your price will remain the same until at least January 2019, as long as you maintain continuous occupancy. At that point we will be evaluating the program and be looking to make sure we have priced it appropriately. Our goal it is to make it affordable.


What are my obligations?

Pay your monthly fee on time. Give 30 days written notice when you plan to end your desk rental. Keep you space clean and compatible with other working in the room. Return your desk and area to the condition you got it. 


Any other rules?

All rules of MakeHaven membership apply. This includes prohibiting firearms, explosive devices or hazardous materials on MakeHaven property.


Can I rent multiple desks?

Not at this time.


When can I start?

The first phase of the pilot program is now open. It is on a first come first serve basis. If we fill the spaces quickly we will be opening up another zone with spaces in a few months.



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