Startup Business Guide

To help inventors and entrepreneurs in the MakeHaven membership get started with turning prototypes into businesses we have a business guide.   Bruce volunteers to give members insights into what options you might have to get started, and what resources are available in the community for a venture like yours.

The Startup Business Guide can help with:

  • Understanding your options for starting small business
  • Process questions for filing necessary paperwork to start a LLC
  • Advice on readiness to talk with lending institutions
  • Identification of small grants and other resources that help startups
  • Referral to programs with robust supports for startup growth

Who is this for? 

Any MakeHaven member who:

  • Has interest in starting a business around an idea or prototype but not sure where to start.
  • Anyone wanting to start a business selling crafts, art or maker products.
  • An existing start up looking to understand how to start looking for funding.
  • Wants to understand the general process of building a business.

About Bruce

Bruce draws on 23 years of running a small business through growth from a solo proprietorship, an LLC and a partnership. He is a trained SCORE coach. He has worked with lending institution has insights into you need to put together as a small business to have a successful interaction and avoid pain when working with bank. He is also a maker and known for active participation in a program that 3d prints prosthetics for children missing limbs.

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