All Storage is At Own Risk

We do not secure storage, it is open to members, guests and building staff. Someone could take your stuff, it could have something spilled on it, really anything can happen (but usually does not), just don't leave anything precious. All storage is entirely at your own risk. MakeHaven is not responsible for anything missing or broken. 


Unlabeled Projects

To keep our space tidy and usable for all members, any unlabeled projects may be immediately disposed of or moved to scrap.


Area-Specific Drying Tables

When a project can not be transported because it is drying, it can be left in the designated area (designated tables/sheves in the wood shop, pottery, and casting areas ). Any project in short term storage must have a name and date label. Any project left more than area's designated max time, unlabeled, or in the way is in violation of the policy. Projects in violation of the policy can be fined, moved to paid storage or scrap, and/or moved to trash. Property will be disposed of disposal at staff & facilitator discretion and may incur additional disposal fees. Projects may be restrickered while in progress for a maximum of 10 days. If at any point space is needed, staff may require the member to move their project into paid storage or to remove from the space.


Leaving Projects in the Common Areas

If absolutely necessary for glue or resin drying, staff and facilitators can grant permission leave property for up 24 hours in the public space by issuing a parking pass. The parking pass is a physical paper that is affixed to your property and the every effort must be made to minimize the obstruction of the work of others. 

Materials or projects left in unapproved areas without a valid parking pass,  disposed of disposal at staff discretion and may incur additional disposal fees.


Paid Storage

Paid storage is made available to members as space is available. Unauthorized/unpaid material storage or property spilling over outside of paid storage may be disposed of or fined up to 3x the cost of floor space. Ending membership ends ends all storage privileges. All property must be removed at time of membership end and may incur fees of 3x the monthly storage if it it must be  removed or disposed of by staff (additional fees will apply for large items or items weighing over 30 pounds).


Types of Paid Storage


Sheet / Board Storage

  • $15/ month for tall storage

Note: this storage is for sheets, other objects that spill outside the designated area are subject to ticketing, removal and disposal. 


Shelf Storage

  • $5 per month for a small bin

  • $5 per month for a glass drawer

  • #5 per month for a locker (you provide lock)

  • $7 per month for a screenprinting slot

  • $10 per month for large bin

  • $20 per month for a shelf approx 2 feet deep by 5 feet across and 18” high

  • $30 per month for a tall bottom shelf 30” high

Floor Storage

Height restriction is by staff’s determination that it is safely stacked

Getting Started with Paid Storage

Paid storage is available on a first come first serve basis to members. The process for getting storage is:

1. Look in back area for spaces that have an "available" sign on them, or ask staff to identify what is available.

2. Flip the available sign over and with a dry erase marker, note your first and last name. 

3. Complete the form at Include the storage number and if possible a photo of the storage setup as indicated.

4. Your membership account will be charged the storage fee till you inform us that you have removed the property by emailing a photo of the cleared out storage, or if not photo is available, when we are able to confirmed it is cleared out.