Short Term Storage Policy

When a project can not be transported because it is drying, it can be left in the designated area in the storage room. If absolutely necessary, staff can grant permission for an out of the way location inside the main space. Project are never to be left on tables or other locations that obstruct the work of others. Any project in short term storage must have a name and date label on it and must be removed or updated within 48 hours. Any project left more than 48 hours, unlabeled, or in the way is in violation of the policy.  Projects in violation of the policy are subject to removal or disposal at staff discretion.  


Monthly Storage


Shelf Storage

  • $5 per month for a small bin

  • $10 per month for large bin

  • $10 per month for a rolling cart

  • $20 per month for a shelf 2 feet deep by 5 feet across and 18” high

  • $30 per month for a tall bottom shelf 30” high

Floor Storage

  • $4.50/square foot per month

    • Must arrange in person with staff when starting storage use.

    • Must inform staff when ending via email or in person.

    • Height restriction is by staff’s determination that it is safely stacked

    • Subject to availability.

Sheet / Board Storage

  • $10/ month for tall storage


All storage is entirely at your own risk. MakeHaven is not responsible for anything missing or broken. All storage is added to your monthly subscription.


Storage restrictions:

Cannot store anything alive, pressurised, combustible or hazardous in personal storage.

Getting Started with Your Storage

To obtain storage please contact staff, J.R. or Kate. We will help you find a location and setup payment. You may also set payment yourself at: