J.R. Logan

Chief Maker           




Ben Berkowitz, President

CEO/Founder at SeeClickFix. At MakeHaven I have enjoyed making furniture, toys for my kid and crash testing other makers' products such as Mark's new electric skateboard and Allen's Hexibox. I was one of the founders of MakeHaven


Elise DeVito, Secretary
My day job is as a cognitive neuroscience researcher at Yale. I’ve been a MakeHaven member for several years. What I love most about MakeHaven is the range of interesting curious creative makers that are drawn to this place and the though-provoking conversations about off the wall ideas that happen so commonly here.
Slate Ballard

Founder at The Grove and Head of Product at SeeClickFix. Slate interested in the intersection of fabrication and community and specifically how the Grove and MakeHaven can work together to make New Haven more economically and communally successful.
Kyle Jensen

Associate Dean, Yale School of Management. I was one of the MakeHaven co-founders, as well as I enjoy community and anything Arduino. 
Robin Ladouceur

A poster child for alternative academic careers and newly-minted Account Manager at SeeClickFix, had her mind blown at MakeHaven's first Make-a-thon. The possibilities MakeHaven presents are dazzlingly endless, but for the short term, Robin has set her sights on the fabrication of "Spyglass Boxes," laser cut structures which will house magical wee worlds for marveling!
Jeremy Medow, Treasurer

Owner of Tungsten Customs.  CNC enthusiast and woodworker who dabbles in electronics.  MakeHaven gives me access to professional level tools and a community of likeminded makers to brainstorm with.
Sean O'Brien

Is a Web/Front-End Developer with a strong background in Digital Security. He's a free software advocate and GNU/Linux user who homebrews beer, wine, and cider.  Sean likes to work on projects that involve Web software and single-board computers, but feel free to drop him a line about anything DIY.
John Nixon 

Tool sharpener and Program Manager for the Global Infrastructure Initiative. To me, MakeHaven has been a great resource for building community and access to advanced tools. I’m particularly interested in the woodshop.