Vacuum Former

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Molds flat sheets around a mold. Useful for creating costumes, or molds for chocolate and soap as well as many other things. The plastic 
sheets are 21 1/4" by 30 1/4"


Quick tips on streatching

Quick tips on Webbing

Learn More- -A good reference with a trouble shooting section at the end is this guide



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Vacuum Forming

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Stephen Cebik

Laser cutting, Vinyl Cutting, Cooking

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Hazard Class 1 - Minor injuries, addressable with basic first aid kit or ice.

Materials for Sale

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ABS Sheet Black 0.060 $8.00 per 21.25"x30.25" Sheet Add to cart
High Impact Polystyrene (white) .030 or .020 - Food Safe $6.00 per 21.25"x30.25" Sheet Add to cart
Large Acrylic Sheet (Clear w blue protection) 0.060 $12.00 per 21.25"x30.25" Sheet Add to cart
PETG (Clear) Foodsafe .020 or .040 $12.00 per 21.25"x30.25" Sheet Add to cart

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