Pan-African Kitchen Lab: Afro - Caribbean

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Each week we will use the Oldways African Heritage Pyramids to guide us through creating a recipe from ideation, recipe writing, testing, prop styling and plating.

The tenuous history of civilization made for Africa’s influence on the world kitchen. There is a great responsibility to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions black people have made throughout the Diaspora on global culinary conventions. Landing in topographies with contrasting local foods and gastronomies, these African ancestors reimagined unique cooking styles with the cultural influences presented to them. What unites foods from the African diaspora is the reliance on a plant based, rainbow diet filled with vegetables, fruits, tropical tubers, grains, nuts, healthy oils, and seafood. Chef Nadine will be joined by Tiphani Benbow the culinary curator of Taste Comfort: Based in New Haven, Chef Tiphani creates events meant to inspire a connection with our global community using comfort foods from around the world. 

This week: Afro - Caribbean 


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