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MakeHaven is for


The perfect place to create and get feedback on your early prototype or just engage with a community of people working on the frontiers of technology.


Connect with others who share your passion. Share the skills you have developed expand your horizons.


Experiment with new medium and challenge your ideas to create something unique. Hone woodworking, sewing or printmaking skills.





The tools to make anything! 


Wood shop

Full workshop with all the equipment  including: table saw, band-saw, CNC, lathe,  planer and hand tools.

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Metal SHop

Full metal working shop with saws, vertical mills, CNC machine, waterjet cutter, lathes, welding, jewelry making and blacksmithing.

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Textiles & Sewing

Sewing Machines, quilting machine, knitting machine, computerized embroidery and an area to layout and cut large fabrics.

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Ceramics & Plastics

Pottery wheel, and a kiln for pottery. Pressure pot and vacuum chamber to support casting. Vacuum former, injection molder, resin 3d printer, grinder and compression oven for plastics.

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MakeHaven is a full makerspace and Fab Lab. 

Digital Fabrication

Many 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines, access to design software and more.

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Electronics & Radio

Electronics workbench with oscilloscopes, soldering station, reflow oven, and ham radio with antennas on the roof.

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Media & Printmaking

Presses for woodblock, screen printing capabilities and a media room built for podcast and product photography.

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MA computerized home brewing system and Community Bio Lab capable of work with DNA and growing bio materials. 

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Workspace For Your Passion Project At MakeHaven

Dive into MakeHaven's dedicated workspaces, where creativity meets collaboration. Beyond just a workspace in a makerspace, it's a community of innovators eager to share and grow. Whether crafting a prototype or a masterpiece, find your perfect launchpad with us. Learn about Workspaces

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Anodizing Station for Aluminum, Titanium, Niobium, etc.

We have a lot of tools available for creating parts, but limited options for finishing them. We can buff and paint, and do some bake-on coatings.

An anodizing set up would work on a number of different metals and would create an opportunity for beautiful shiny parts.

An example kit is:

Router Table

This is the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II Router Table. A router table is a specialized tool designed to enhance precision and control compared to using a handheld router. Its primary purpose is to provide a stable and flat work surface with a hole or opening where the router bit protrudes, allowing woodworkers to guide their workpieces accurately and safely. Woodworkers commonly use router tables for tasks like edge profiling, dado cutting, and creating intricate joinery, as it offers improved stability and repeatability compared to freehand routing.

Rotary Hammer Drill

An SDS-Plus cordless rotary hammer drill is a powerful and versatile tool used for drilling into tough materials, such as concrete, brick, and stone. It combines the capabilities of a traditional hammer drill and a rotary hammer, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks like drilling holes, chiseling, and demolition work.

Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is a portable and versatile power tool designed for making straight cuts in various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Its cordless design offers freedom of movement.

Hand Planer

An electric hand planer is a power tool used for fast and efficient wood removal and surface smoothing in woodworking projects. Its motor-driven blades allow it to quickly level uneven surfaces, trim edges, and shape wood with ease.