MakeHaven is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to educate the community through interest driven projects and hands-on skill building experiences in: mechanics, electronics, crafts, art, design, programming, cooking, fabrication, metal working and woodworking. 

You may make a direct monitary contribution below, or donate tools and equipment.

Your support makes innovation and learning possible. 

General Support - We use the donation where where ever it is most needed. This includes activities such as events, equipment or outreach.

Scholarship - Scholarships cover a portion, or the full membership fee based on an individual's ablity to pay and to advance diversity goals.  Scholarships are anonymous and have all the rights, limitations and obligations of regular membership. Learn more.

Experimental Electronic Communications -  Funds designated to support activiites of projects related to ham radio, software defined radio, social radio and information technology. 

Ice Cream Maker Fundraiser - chip in to help MakeHaven get an ice cream maker for the space!