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Makerspace Skills Coach

The Makerspace Skills Coach is a pivotal role in the continuation of MakeHaven's mission to guide individuals in their makerspace journey. This position primarily focuses on the post-session check-in and guidance for participants of our GEMS program. The advisor will utilize their extensive knowledge in makerspace and prototyping skills to offer valuable insights and recommendations to the participants. Hours have significant flexibility and coaching time will be a mixture of online and in person coaching.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Participant Check-ins: Conduct 4 post-session check-ins with each participant, ranging from 8 to 15 students per cohort, up to two cohorts running at any given time. 

  • Attend first class per cohort, for the purposes of introduction and explanation of the program, estimated time: 1 hr per month. 

  • Assist facilitators with moving each cohort through the in-person badging process, by assisting in scheduling and coordination. 

  • In-person weekly “office hours”, 2 hours each, held twice per week (for a total of 4 hours per week): Offer guidance, assistance and recommendations based on the participant’s current stage of tool familiarity and/or product development, provide informed advice and suggestions.

  • Documentation: Complete the check-in form accurately, ensuring that all details concerning the participant's project, challenges, and plans are captured.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with MakeHaven's Education Coordinator and volunteer skill educators (facilitators) to ensure a seamless experience for participants.

  • Other duties, as assigned.



  • Proven expertise in makerspace and prototyping skills.

  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and guidance.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Familiarity with MakeHaven’s resources and badging system is a big plus.

  • Teaching or coaching experience is a plus.

Benefits: This is an independent contractor position and does not include benefits. 

Compensation: $25 per hour, estimated 4 hours per week. Not to exceed 7 hours per week.


Additional Information: The position reports to and works under the direction of the Education Coordinator. MakeHaven follows a nondiscrimination policy as required under Connecticut General Statutes §§ 4a-60(a)(1) and 4a-60a(a)(1). 

Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Resumes will be accepted through September 24, 2023. Early submission is encouraged.


Teach a Workshop

MakeHaven is seeking presenters to design and lead workshops about making at MakeHaven. MakeHaven has a large community of people interested in learning about: mechanics, electronics, crafts, art, design, programming, cooking, biology, chemistry, fabrication, metal working and woodworking. For approved workshops MakeHaven will host, help promote the event and handle collection of workshop fees. Many instructors chose to share their knowledge for with free classes workshops and demonstrations. Many instructors may need to generate income from classes. If agreed in advance instructors of group classes earn get 50% of the class income (not including materials fees). So how much you make will depend on the market value of the type of class you’re offering, how many students you can accommodate, and how many of those seats we can fill. Our target is people above 18 years of age so we want to aim our workshops to be appropriate for adults or have adults or include parents or guardians in building with younger people. As a makerspace MakeHaven is a more dynamic environment than a typical classroom and members might be using the space concurrently with a workshop. We have a projector and work areas. The space is best suited for smaller groups (15 or less).  

You can propose a class using the Class Proposal Form.

For more details email with questions.


Community Facilitators

MakeHaven’s Community Facilitator program is a work-exchange program that trades time for membership. You work at MakeHaven 4 hours per week and we give you a free membership, which grants access to tools,  community, and all the other benefits of being a member.

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MakeHaven is interested in students 18 and older who want to expand their skill set by working on or leading projects in our community of makers.

There are several internships avalible. 

Facilitator Support Interns - This intern assists one or more facilitators by being at the space during their hours. They explore the area of work and assist with conducing and organizing events. The Intern also documents activities and blogs about what projects are happening. There is an internship available in each of Electronics, Craft, Fabrication and Woodworking. These are unpaid internships with an expectation of 4 hours of work per week.

Community Outreach Intern - The community outreach intern is responsible for getting the word out about MakeHaven. The intern will do email and social media marketing as well as connecting with community groups to identify candidates for MakeHaven scholarship and recruit workshop instructors. Outreach intern is an 8 hour per week position and unpaid.

Shop Intern - The shop intern assists with organizing and upkeep of the tools in the Makerspace. Previous experience with tools and technology a plus. Internship is 8 hours per week and unpaid.

Interns get free membeship (including access to all learning tools) as a benifit, and are encouraged to work on projects that inspire them and our community. 

Learn more & apply.