Our physical location is temporarily limited to small business activity. We will update this notice when education and hobby use resume. Until then enjoy our online learning activities for makers.




J.R. Logan, Executive Director,  jr.logan@makehaven.org


 Kate Cebik, Operations Manager, kate.cebik@makehaven.org


 Lior Trestman, Shop Manager, lior.trestman@makehaven.org




Jeremy Medow
Owner of Tungsten Customs.  CNC enthusiast and woodworker who dabbles in electronics.  MakeHaven gives me access to professional level tools and a community of likeminded makers to brainstorm with.



Eben Olson

Eben is a technology enthusiast and researcher at Yale. As a hobbyist he has built his own 3d printers and circuit boards.


Joel Greenwood

Previously worked at the Harvard Center for Brain Science, now an Associate Research Scientist in Neuroscience at Yale. He has managed multiple scientific fabrication labs used to build equipment. He is a former member of Artisan's Asylum and was witness to its growth.

Catherine Cazes-Wiley

She has extensive working with service non profits. She runs Tinaliah Designs and its Caring Co-op, a social-minded business with the mission of aiding the needy and underprivileged while offering custom-designed products. Has volunteered at MakeHaven brought introduced many people to the organization who may not otherwise have overcome the barriers.  Has worked in variety of capacities to bring sewing as an income source to women struggling with economic disadvantage, substance abuse, homelessness, mental health challenges, or HIV/AIDS.

Michael Angelus, President

Michael has an MA, Art Ed, Teachers College, Columbia. He is active in the New Haven art world and maintains a studio on East Street. Mike has lead a successful series of workshops that teach people wood carved printmaking techniques.


Lesley Frame

Lesley Frame

Professor at the University of Connecticut. She earned her S.B. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Department of Materials Science Engineering. Frame then completed her M.S. and Ph.D. in MSE at the University of Arizona. Her impressive background includes participation in organizations such as ASM International, the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), and the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).


Phillip G. Bernstein

Phillip Bernstein 

Phil is an architect and technologist who is currently Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer at the Yale School of Architecture, where his responsibilities include oversight of digital technology and fabrication and shop facilities. He’s a former VP at Autodesk, where he led the company’s strategy for the building industry.