Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join?

Click the Join Now button from MakeHaven’s online page. On this page, you will complete your payment information. Membership fees are collected monthly; cancel anytime.
Complete your maker profile and sign the electronic wavier online.
Watch the orientation video and take a brief quiz.
Come in for an in-person orientation to the space to go over safety procedures and get your ID.
Start making!


What if I’ve never use a tool before?

No experience? No problem. It is our goal to bring making to everyone. Each of our tools is listed on our equipment page with information/a video. We have community animators in each areas that will meet with you after you’ve completed the safety videos and quiz to do a hands-on safety check (“badging”) and to answer any questions you have. The animators are also a great resource for when you are stuck or need project ideas.


Can minors use the space?

MakeHaven is an adult makerspace. Children may not become members. However, if you are the legal guardian of a minor, they may accompany you in the space. Guardians must supervise minors the entire time. Minors, like all guests, cannot operate badged equipment, but are welcomes to be a part of the making in terms of assembly and design.


What if I need to travel/be away?

You may put your membership into suspension mode for up to 10 months at a time. Simply let the staff know that you are unavailable starting at a certain date and provide a reactivation date, and we will suspend your membership. You will not have access to the space during a suspense, and you will not be charged during that time. When you return and your activations date arrives, you will automatically be ready to jump back in. Note that suspensions must be arranged in advance. We are unable to do retroactive suspensions.


Do I need to bring my own materials?

Generally makers supply their own materials (wood, fabric, t-shirts, etc.) The MakeHaven store allows makers to purchase some items for convenience (eg sign vinyl by the square inch, as purchasing an entire roll may not make sense) or that are hard to get easily and quickly locally (eg 3d printing filament). Makers may pay for these items at the store online or in cash at the cash box located in the space between radio & 3d printing. MakeHaven members also enjoy a 10% discount at Artist & Craftsman store on the next block of Chapel
Can I leave my materials/project-in-progress in the space?

Makers may store work-in-progress for up to 48 hours on our project storage table. All projects must be labeled with name and date. Makers in need of longer-term storage may purchase shelf, floor, or sheet materials storage. All storage areas are month-to-month, and can be added or cancelled at any time.

- Is experience required - can my child join - can my child come in with me - Can my minor participate in this workshop - Can my class / scout troup take a tour - Can I share my card/membership with my spouse - Who buys materials and supplies - Do I have to pay anything else to get trained/oreiented on tools? - What is the minimum membership duration? - if I leave the state for a couple months can I pause the membership? - How is this possible? - How can I help? - Can I make a donation? - Where do I park? - Can I come take a tour? - Can I hire you to build something for me? No, we provide a facility for people to create and learn but can not be hired to build projects. We encourage you to become a member and we will help you learn to build it yourself - I have an invention idea, can you help me make it real? Yes, one of our goals is to help inventors be successful. We have volunteers to help learn how to build a prototype and a volunteer buisness coach to help you find resources. - Do you have storage for my proejct? As a community space with lots of people building things storage space is precious. For that reason we charge for project storage. We have a variety of options which include plastic bins for small project, plywood storage and full shelves. For projects that are drying we have a table with a 48 hour grace period. - I have a limited income, can I apply or a reduced rate? Yes, we have a scholarship program for people with financial limitations. We have a particular emphasis on enabling minorities, women and veterans to join. You can apply online. These fee reductions are made possible by donors. You can make a donation in support on the scholarship fund. - What kind of orginzation is this? We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization. - Has anyone made anythign really impressive? Absolutely. We recomend looking through our instagram posts to get an idea of some of the things people have made. - Where can I see what tools you have? Out tools are listed in our equipment list online.