Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I join?

Click the Join Now button from MakeHaven’s homepage (or just join here). On this page, you will complete your payment information.
You will be directed through the following steps to become a member:

  1. Set up payment info – membership fees are collected monthly; cancel anytime.
  2. Complete your maker profile and sign the electronic wavier online.
  3. Watch the orientation video
  4. Take a brief quiz
  5. Schedule an in-person orientation to go over safety procedures and get your ID.
  6. Start making!


What if I’ve never use a tool before?

No experience? No problem. It is our goal to bring making to everyone. Each of our tools is listed on our equipment page with information/a video. We have community facilitators in each area that will meet with you after you’ve completed the safety videos and quiz to do a hands-on safety check (“badging”) and to answer any questions you have. The facilitators are also a great resource for when you are stuck, when you need project ideas, or when you want to work with a "spotter" nearby as you are learning.


What tools do you have in the space?

Check out our equipment list to see our available tools. Looking for something we don't have yet? Our members drive our tool aquisitions by voting for what tools we should get next!


What hours are you open?

All of them! Members get 24/7 access to the space -- we never close! Members and the public can reach a staff member Monday-Friday 9am-6pm by emailing or by leaving a message at (203) 936-9830. Make an appointment so we can set aside the time you need to help. Want to see the space? Book a tour!


Where can I park when using the makerspace?

There is metered street parking nearby on Chapel, Orange, and State Streets. We have discount barcodes for use at the parking garage at 270 State Street (on the same block as MakeHaven) that allows members to park for half-price ($1/hour) while using MakeHaven. Note that these are available in the space for members and are generously provided by Park New Haven. MakeHaven cannot control the amount of barcodes we receive, so it is not a guarantee, but we offer them whenever they are available.


Is MakeHaven accessible?

There is an elevator to access the makerspace, which is on the lower-level. Our restrooms are equipped with hand rails. Doorways and walkways meet ADA requirements. We welcome anyone to come tour the space ahead of time to check out any particular requirements you may have so we can accommodate. You can reach out to staff at or leave a message or text at (203) 936-9830 and we will be in touch.


Can minors use the space?

MakeHaven is an adult makerspace. Children may not become members. However, if you are the legal guardian of a minor, they may accompany you in the space. Guardians must supervise minors the entire time. Minors, like all guests, cannot operate badged equipment, but are welcomes to be a part of the making in terms of assembly and design.


Can my minor participate in a workshop/event?

Age restrictions vary by workshop. Check the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the event page for the specific event (under the registration link). You can also check in with our education coordinator at


What if I need to travel/be away?

You may put your membership into suspension mode for up to 6 months at a time. Simply let the staff know (with this quick form) that you are unavailable starting at a certain date and provide a reactivation date, and we will suspend your membership. You will not have access to the space during a suspense, and you will not be charged during that time. Storage areas need to be vacated during suspension unless arranged with staff. When you your reactivation date arrives, you will automatically be ready to jump back in. Note that suspensions must be arranged in advance. We are unable to do retroactive suspensions.


Do I need to bring my own materials?

Generally makers supply their own materials (wood, fabric, t-shirts, etc.) The MakeHaven store allows makers to purchase some items for convenience (eg sign vinyl by the square inch, as purchasing an entire roll may not make sense) or that are hard to get easily and quickly locally (eg 3d printing filament). Makers may pay for these items at the store online or in cash at the cash box located in the space between Radio & 3d printing. MakeHaven members also enjoy a 10% discount at Artist & Craftsman store on the next block of Chapel


Can I leave my materials/project-in-progress in the space?

Makers may store work-in-progress for up to 48 hours on our project storage table. All projects must be labeled with name and date. Makers in need of longer-term storage may purchase binshelf, floor, or sheet materials storage. All storage areas are month-to-month, and can be added or cancelled at any time.


Can I share my card/membership with my spouse or company?

Memberships reflect individual learning (badges) and therefore cannot be shared among individuals. We do offer household discounts for individuals living in the same location, as well as discounts for employee groups.


Do I have to pay anything else to get trained/oriented on tools?

Generally no, we use videos and volunteer coaching to orient you nearly all the tools. The exception is the metal lathe and bridgeport mill. These tools require ethere documentation of experience or a one day long class at MakeHaven specific to the tool. This class is has a fee. 

What is the minimum membership duration?

One month. The membership automatically renews but you can cancel any time.


Do you offer day passes?

We do not offer day passes due to the orientation time required to get started on tools. 


How is this possible?

We have over 400 members which generate monthly income for the organization. Volunteers are a big help in keeping the space running and financially viable. We have also received significant grants from CT Next and Elm City Innovation Collaborative, and support from individual donors.


How can I help?

Teach a class

Make a donation

Become a Faciliator


Can I make a monetary donation?

Yes please! We are able to offer scholarships to individuals facing financial hardship who want to use MakeHaven to learn a skill, kickstart a small business, earn extra income through making or reep the therapeutic benefits of making to help counter a stressful time. These scholarships would 't be possible without donors who believe that making should be available an accessible to all. Make a tax-deductible one-time or repeating donation and MAKE a difference in our community today. Thank you!


Can I make a donation of a tools or equipment?

Yes, although we have limited ability to put tools to use so you need to let us know about what you are thinking of donating, so we can review and choose to accept if we can put it to use. We can provide a receipt describing the item for tax deductibility but do not ascribe a value.


Can I come take a tour?

Yes please! You can schedule a tour at

Can I hire you to build something for me?

Our mission is to bring making to all people at all levels. As such, we provide a facility for people to create and learn. We encourage you to become a member and we will help you learn to build it yourself. You can do more than you think! We don't have the resources to manage commissioned projects at this time. We wcan post opportunities to on our internal member chat for our members who do freelance work. If you want us to share an opportunity with our membership, please complete this form. There have been many successful connections through this method; however MakeHaven makes no assurance of results or quality. 


I have an invention idea, can you help me make it real?

Yes. One of our goals is to help inventors be successful. We have volunteers to help learn how to build a prototype and a volunteer business coach to help you find resources to take the steps in making your idea a reality.


I have a limited income, can I apply for a reduced rate?

Yes, we have a scholarship program for people with financial limitations. We have a particular emphasis on enabling people of color, women, and veterans to join. You can apply for a scholarship online. Subsidized membership are made possible by our generous donors.


What kind of organization MakeHaven?

We are an educational nonprofit with 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS. MakeHaven's governance is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


Has anyone made anything really impressive?

Absolutely. We recommend looking through our instagram posts to get an idea of some of the things people have made. - 


Can my class / scout troup take a tour

MakeHaven focuses on adults (18+). Our four person staff is very limited in our capacity to conduct tours for school and scout groups. We are also limited by our insurance requirements to have waivers and supervision from the legal guardian. We recommend you consider a visit to the New Haven Free Public Library Tinker Lab.