Employee Group Membership


$1000/annually prepaid (Includes 2 memberships) ● Additional Memberships $400 per year ● 24/7 full access privileges ● Use of all tools / equipment in the space (subject to badge requirements) ● Discounted or Free access to specific workshops and events.

Signup Monthly

$100 charged monthly for covers two individuals.

Additional employees can be added for $40 per month. These can be changed at any time (orientation required for new members)

Signup now


Prepay  Signup Quarterly

Quarterly Charged Corporate Membership -Includes Two individuals ($300 every three months)

Quarterly Charged Corporate Additional Membership ($115 every three months)


Paypal Signup Annual

Annually Charged Corporate Membership - Includes Two individuals ($1,000 yearly)

Annually Charged Additional Memberships ($450 yearly)


To receive an bill by email on an annual or quarterly basis please email payments@makehaven.org with the number of memberships and names of the individuals.