Community Facilitator Program

Current facilitators are serving March - August 2019. You may submit an application at any time, but applications are only reviewed in August & Februrary, or if a space becomes availalbe. Thanks!

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Individuals selected for the Community Facilitator program have the opportunity to take a leadership role in an area of interest.  The goal is for each to inspire excitement, build community, and facilitate utilization of the makerspace. Facilitators do this by being available to work with members, by hosting learning events, and by completing and displaying sample projects.

 The program is a work-exchange that trades time for membership. Facilitators volunteer at MakeHaven four hours per week (three hours on-site). In exchange, they receive a free membership, which grants access to tools,  community, and all the other benefits of being a member.

Facilitators volunteer one night a week for 3 hours focused on one of thefollowing areas: Woodworking, Sewing, 3d Printing, Arts, Culinary, Digital Cutting, Electronics, and Communications.  Facilitators do not need to be expert in the field but should have experience to and be willing to learn and each in the other areas.

Area Descriptions:

Sewing - Using sewing machines, serger, embroidery machines, and other similar tools.

Woodworking - All the tools in the woodshop minus CNC machines.

3d printing - Plastic and resin 3d printers, scanning and modeling process.

Arts - Printmaking, screen printing, sculpting, digital art and casting.

Culinary - Brewing, cooking and food science.

Electronics - Micro processors, circuit board making, computers and radio communication.

Digital Cutting - Laser cutters, Vinyl cutters and beginner CNC.


The fourth hour of weekly work is dedicated to communications, coordination, or setup.



  • Engage – Help organize and participate in at least 1 community activity related to your focus area per 6 month appointment. Ensure that people from every skill level and background are encouraged and empowered to take part in your area.

  • Create resources - Design and execute at least 1 sample project per 6 month appointment that can be displayed in MakeHaven/one the projects page of our website. Provide at least 1 new resource for the community (a blog post, a learning guide or resource) per 6 month appointment.

  • Cultivate positive community – Be a leader in discerning how to best organize the space; keep the areas related to your focus clean. Serve as a role model by demonstrating strong adherence to MakeHaven policies.

  • Supplies - Keep an eye on supplies in your area of work. Request reorders when running low. Suggest new equipment and supplies.

  • Equipment - Regularly inspect tools and equipment for your focus area. Report or maintain as necessary.

  • Offer Support - Support members using and learning about various pieces of equipment.

  • Develop Leadership - Identify others who can take on a volunteer role. Coach them and make a recommendation for who is the next facilitator following your tenure.

Job Commitment

  • 6 month commitment.

  • 4 hours per week. On-site: 3 hours for regularly scheduled time in the makerspace (often 6pm -9pm), with up to 1 hour additional work throughout the week.


Facilitator receive:

  • Free membership.

  • Influence on growth and development of space.

  • Support from staff, and volunteers to help build capacity and to master tools.



  • Decided by MakeHaven staff through a competitive application process.

  • Open to both existing members and non-members.

  • Applications submitted online through the form below. Applications considered in June and January, as well as on a rolling basis based on openings.

  • CURRENT ANIMATOR: submit the current Facilitator reapplication.