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Businesses of all sizes partner with MakeHaven to prototype ideas and connect with makers. Many small businesses market test products with small production runs.

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Connected businesses enjoy:
1. Access to tools for prototyping
2. Ability to schedule tool time for small batch test runs
3. Discounted membership for if company pays for 3 or more memberships.
4. Access to startup coach, and connection to resources.
5. Ability to lease startup workspace in makerspace

Primary Contact: Ericka Saracho
We are a woman and minority-owned small-batch pottery studio based in New Haven, Connecticut and we create functional fine art to fit your... Read More
Primary Contact: Christina Quinonez
Small handmade craft... Read More
Primary Contact: Kenneth Brazauski
Automation OEM Machine Engineering and Building. PLC Robotics HMI Machine Vision Inspection Systems
Primary Contact: Ricky Rollins
Media company
Primary Contact: Justin Henry
Software developer and consultant for Tool and Die
Primary Contact: Kara Papa
We are an egg producer and community minded business. We are in the primary stages of forming. We feed the community and will expand into... Read More
Primary Contact: Ethan Rodriguez...
Located at 103 Whitney Ave in New Haven, Connecticut, Escape New Haven is a real-life "escape room" -- an adventure space where nothing is... Read More
Primary Contact: Ryan Zaveruha
Acuity builds lighting and building management solutions vary from individual devices to intelligent network systems.
Primary Contact: Aaron Monikowski
VR device development company and science consultations.
Primary Contact: Alex Murdoch
Creative and Practical design LLC takes an innovative and unique approach to solving product design challenges for individual inventors and... Read More
Primary Contact: Vlad Alexandrescu
Aeolian Kitesurfing LLc brings high technology watersports pumps and accessories to the US Market.
Primary Contact: Christopher O'F...
We sell artwork and organize a print exchange trade. Additionally, we will be using the space for some small scale contracting jobs.
Primary Contact: Julia Murphy
Julia Ambrose Murphy is a professional sculptor offering professional sculpting services, commission sculpture, prototyping, and original... Read More
Primary Contact: Bob McGonigle
Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, raised cedar planters