Foundations of Fabrication


Are you ready to MAKE yourself a new foundation of knowledge?


Then welcome to Foundations of Fabrication!

The Foundations of Fabrication (FoF) program is an expansive course that covers 15 disciplines over 4.5 months. Designed to align with the academic calendar, this structure makes it ideal for students and professionals looking to integrate advanced skill-building into their regular schedules without extra disruption. Structured much like a traditional college course, FoF offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key fabrication disciplines such as Wood, Metal, Textiles, Digital Fabrication and more.


Cohort Date Range Meeting Time Signup
Cohort 6 - Fall 2024 August 19 - December 23 Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm
Cohort 7 - Spring 2025 January 19 - May 23 Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm Coming Soon

How does it work?

Participants meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 PM to 9 PM. During each session, they receive about one hour of direct instruction from skilled professionals, who guide them through both theoretical concepts and practical applications. This is followed by one (1) hour of hands-on exploration, where participants solidify their new knowledge by way of group badging sessions and mini-projects. By program’s end, each participant will have earned a number of micro-credentials (badges) and completed multiple projects, each reflecting a significant aspect of the skills taught, geared towards building a solid foundation in fabrication techniques that are applicable in various ways.

Over the 4.5 months, each cohort spends time with each of the below disciplines: 

Woodworking Textiles Metalworking DIY Biology 2D & 3D Design
Embedded Programming Sensor Inputs Glasswork Electronics Design CNC Milling
Servers & Applications Interfaces & UX/UI Design Molding and Casting Composite Materials Mechanical Design



Class Dynamics:

Before Class: On your schedule, review the slides for the upcoming class, noting any questions or interest points to bring with you. You'll also watch any relevant MakeHaven badging videos and pass the related quiz with a 100% (multiple attempts are permitted).

First Hour: Each class kicks off with direct instruction, where you’ll tackle core concepts and immediately apply what you’ve learned.

Second Hour: Following the instructional hour, you’ll engage in hands-on projects, earning badges and honing your skills through real-world application.

 Between ClassesParticipants are encouraged to explore other badges in the discipline for that week as well as finishing any work on their mini-project that wasn't done in during class time. Your coach will be available through email and Slack for any support or answers you need. Based on their availability, they'll also be available to schedule one-on-one or smaller group time to meet as needed, for support and knowledge help. 


Achievements and Projects:

• Structured Learning: Each discipline requires you to complete a project that demonstrates your proficiency, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Each cohort is small enough that your coach will be able to work directly with you, meeting you where you're at to take your learning to the next level. 

• Comprehensive Skill Acquisition: By the end of the program, you’ll have completed a project in each discipline, each showcasing a different facet of your growing skillset.


 What You Get:

 • Skill Proficiency: Progress through our program to build a broad-based proficiency recognized across various industries. As you complete each module, you’ll earn badges that not only demonstrate your achievements but also highlight your capability to tackle complex projects with confidence.

 • Information Library: Each person who joins the program has access to our Foundations website, where you will find all the information and references needed during the program as well as a living collection of videos, projects and how-tos related to the topics in the program. This access continues for the life of the website, even after your cohort has finished.

 • Direct, personalized coaching: Constant through the program, our coach will be a part of the cohort, for guidance, project help and assistance as each participant is building their skill tool-belt. 

Project Portfolio: Compile a portfolio of completed projects, proving your capabilities and craftsmanship.

• Graduation Credit: Each person who successfully completes the course will be credited 3 months membership immediately following the completion of the program, to allow you to continue on your new paths of interest. The criteria of graduation is for you to have attended the full duration of 85% of scheduled classes and completed each of the program-determined projects by the program completion date. 


Program Details:

Start Dates: The Fall course starts the third week each August. Spring course starts the third week of January. Exact dates vary slightly by year. 

Duration: 4.5 months, with classes held twice a week.

Total Class Hours: 72 hours, with 36 dedicated to direct instruction.

Syllabus Overview: Once we have this finalized we will make it available. Until then, please visit the site of the program's former structure. Much of the topics are the same or similar and will give you a good view of the overall program. 


Enrollment Information:

Who Should Attend: This program is ideal for anyone eager to develop robust fabrication skills quickly and efficiently.

Expectations of participants: Participants need to engage with pre-class materials. This includes completing the online portions, video and quiz, of the relevant badges as well as reviewing the provided information in the forms of a slideshow and/or videos. Participants are expected to attend each class and should be prepared for a hands-on learning experience.


Cost/Registration Prices:

• Standard Registration: $1,500 - This includes your seat in the cohort and all materials needed for the learning-prescribed projects.

• Sponsor Ticket: $2,250 - The Sponsor ticket includes everything in the standard registration and also contributes 50% towards a discounted Standard ticket for those who qualify. We will always round up if we have an odd number of sponsor tickets. 

At MakeHaven, we believe that learning shouldn’t be gatekept by cost. Therefore, we offer sliding scale pricing for those who qualify. This is built into the registration process and is automatically applied, allowing you to register when you are ready. Please email if you run into any issues or have questions. 

Do Note: Membership at MakeHaven is required to participate in the program and is NOT included in your registration. To sign up for membership, go HERE. Membership is $60/month (sliding scale pricing available) and, once the program is complete, can be canceled or paused at any time. 

Ready to start your fabrication journey? Register now to secure your spot in our next cohort. Get ready to transform your skills and make your mark in the world of fabrication!

Cohort Date Range Meeting Time Signup
Cohort 6 - Fall 2024 August 19 - December 23 Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm
Cohort 7 - Spring 2025 January 19 - May 23 Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm Coming Soon


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