Meet Jordon, MakeHaven's New Team Member and Public Ally

We are really happy to welcome Jordon Rambert to the MakeHaven team. Jordon joins us through the Public Allies program, and will be helping out at MakeHaven with a focus on entrepreneurs of all kinds through June, 2023. Jordon is typically in the space Monday-Thursdays during the day, and can be reached at or @Jordon_Rambert on Slack.

Here Jordon introduces himself:


Wiring and Programming HuanYang VFD for 2x72 Belt Grinder

I'm posting this blog because it took me a while to find the correct codes to program this VFD with, so hopefully by putting all of the information in one spot someone else will have an easier go of it.


This is the VFD that came with a 2x72 Belt Grinder bought on Ebay (from Remmer-4513). In the end, the codes that worked for me were:

-PD002: 1

-PD003: 60

-PD004: 60

-PD005: 60

-PD070: 1

-PD072: 60


MakeHaven Partnering with Gather New Haven to Launch a New Haven Eco-Entrepreneurship Creative Lab

The U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory just announced the winners of Phase One in the Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize, which supports grassroots innovation, community-centric networks, and ground-up solutions to accelerate climate and clean energy technology advancement alongside disadvantaged and underrepresented communities.

Stanley Black and Decker, Empower Makers Grant Awarded to MakeHaven

Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK) announced the recipients of its first “Empower Makers” Global Impact Challenge. MakeHaven is honored to have been named as a Makers Grant Recipient for our efforts to provide opportunities for hands-on exploration of career relevant skills.

Conversation with ERBOT Prize Winner, Joel Edelstein!

Today we will be getting to know all about the Robotics Lead of the ERBOT $200,000 Prize Winner, Joel Edelstein! In this interview, he shares his first hand experience trying to make the world a better place using robotics!
What is the contest itself for?
  The Department of Energy (D.O.E.) created the ERBOT prize contest in order to provide fresh ideas for energy efficiency. The general problem to be solved is to improve the heating and cooling of houses, etc to reduce the U.S. climate global carbon footprint hopefully by 2035.

Simple foldable & transportable Canvas Print Frame System

Project Idea

The idea for this project was to utilize the (awesome!) large format printer to make prints for myself and others. One of the downsides I've found with framing things (especially large prints) is that the frames become quite ungainly to transport/move with. The aim with this project was to make a system that was more portable and simple - i.e. no glass to break, etc. The canvas material is perfect for this!


Making It Through 2020

2020, it’s been a year, right? There have been serious hardships for many people. I don’t in any way discount the very real and difficult losses felt but so many. But also, it feels remiss to not acknowledge the examples of resilience, kindness, and bravery that this year provided. And, I’ll admit, some good news is needed. So allow me to highlight some of the positive moments to come out of MakeHaven this year.
When supply chains went down, makers stepped up

Workaday Hack - Office Re-Entry Issues

So during the Work-At-Home period, my architectural design team got into a rhythm of MSTeams meeting and communicated pretty well. However, we encountered a technical challenge after re-entry to our office. (like other workspaces, we 're slowly filtering in with masks, strict hygeine rules, distancing, and a cap of 50% occupancy). We're still relying upon MSTeams because of travel restrictions and because some teammates are still at home.

A Message About Racial Disparity at MakeHaven and What We Can Do

MakeHaven's reason for existence is to empower people through access to tools and learning, thereby affording them opportunities that otherwise would not be available. We are committed to having a membership that reflects all of the communities MakeHaven serves; one of the guiding principles of the organization is: “Our makerspace community is stronger when everyone is meaningfully involved and represented”.

Workaday Hack - DIY Phone Cradle

If you're working at home (I feel lucky to be doing so...some people aren't lucky enough to be working at home or to be working at all) this 30-60-90 degree cradle can make it easier to manage a phone next to a laptop during video conferencing. The double notch allows portrait or landscape orientation and it should be sized to hold your wetsuited phone snug. Flip it over if you'd like a more dramatic view of your nostrils. Made with 5/4 pine but anything thick enough to not tip over will do fine.

From Sketches to functional prototypes. MakeHaven also facilitates academic research!

I came to New Haven for a 4-month academic exchange at Yale University. Here, I collaborated with the Department of Cardiac Surgery to explore novel treatment options for patients with heart failure. With a biomedical engineering degree and an ongoing master's degree in Experimental Surgery, I aim to approach unmeet needs in the field of circulatory support for the development of improved cardiovascular devices.

Observations of a Makerspace Organizer at the Global Community Bio Summit.

Biology and biotech are exciting frontiers. As a makerspace I see it as our obligation to make exciting areas of technology more approachable by providing tools and experiences. For this reason our makerspace has been interested in becoming involved in the Community DIY Bio Movement.

Nour Al Ghadban AIESEC in Yale Intern in Make Haven from Kuwait

In the middle of the middle east between two bordering countries which are Iraq and Saudi
Arabia in front of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is located. Its named from the word Kut in Arabic
which means fort . It's a small country its slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey in terms
of land area as in with the population its estimated at 4.5 million total.


Bowl Carving

So today I departed from my neoprimitivism to see just how quickly I could bang out a bowl. I produced the a similarly goofy looking bowl as I did last time (this one has a sort of scandinavian boat motif) but this time I did it in 5 hours. Word of caution....the circular chainsaw grinder attachment I use for the fast rough-out behaves similarly to a chainsaw in that its very agressive and can pull one into a cut. This is not to be used in a careless way and should only be used with safety gear (face protection, hand protection and thick clothing.)

Mast and Boat Building

Last Winter I finally got time to layup and fabricate the Mizzen Mast and remake a better sliding cap for the cabin.  

The mast was made from Home Depote bought 2X3 by 8 wood that was scarfed on a 10 to 1 ratio and laided up into four 28 ft lengths using West Marine adhesive. The they were Glued together using PL premium The mast was then tapered and then cut in to 8s then 16s . The would had Grain denisty of  12 rings  or more per inch. The layup had to be done out side because of the shear size but the scarfs were cut and glued at Make Haven 


Lots of Energy Around Solar Innovation

To be an inventor you have to believe you can make a difference. If you sit and look at it alone it can feel that there is nothing left to invent, or that all the technology is too advanced for a layman to contribute a significant innovation. Recently MakeHaven hosted an event that proves the people of New Haven are not deterred and can find lot of ways to innovate.