Wiring and Programming HuanYang VFD for 2x72 Belt Grinder

I'm posting this blog because it took me a while to find the correct codes to program this VFD with, so hopefully by putting all of the information in one spot someone else will have an easier go of it.


This is the VFD that came with a 2x72 Belt Grinder bought on Ebay (from Remmer-4513). In the end, the codes that worked for me were:

-PD002: 1

-PD003: 60

-PD004: 60

-PD005: 60

-PD070: 1

-PD072: 60


I wanted the belt grinder to be foot pedal controlled and have an on/off switch, so I wired in series a foot-pedal and on/off switch between the FOR and DCM pins.