Meet Jordon, MakeHaven's New Team Member and Public Ally

We are really happy to welcome Jordon Rambert to the MakeHaven team. Jordon joins us through the Public Allies program, and will be helping out at MakeHaven with a focus on entrepreneurs of all kinds through June, 2023. Jordon is typically in the space Monday-Thursdays during the day, and can be reached at or @Jordon_Rambert on Slack.

Here Jordon introduces himself:


Hello my name is Jordon Rambert. MakeHaven's mission speaks to me personally in a way because all of my life I've been around people with big dreams that never came true because they didn't know where to start. MakeHaven gives people in the community a chance, no matter how small or big, to turn ideas into realities. With me being born and raised in New Haven, I bring an inner city perspective and a different view culturally that could help empower people from my community. I hope to be involved in at least one success story of a entrepreneur that started with nothing but a vision and ultimately became a household name.

Welcome, Jordon!