Volunteer Tasks To Do

task priority: 1 - High
Status Title Claimed by Detail
Create chapters for badging videos Sreeram Koneru It would be great to have jump to points for our badging videos to make referencing a specific part easy for users (like, wait, how do I focus the laser again?) These are easy to set up if you have time and can take some notes. You just... More
Write code so that barcoded name labels have functionality. Matt McGuirk In particular we want to be able to use our phones or a stand alone scanner to scan the barcode and automatically send a email to the member reminding them that their stuff has been left too long on the table. [comment_body]
task priority: 2 - Medium
Status Title Claimed by Detail
Setup Parking Discount Barcode Pinter Vincent Chov We already have a barcode printer for member labels. We are given 10 digit codes for parking tickets. Rather than put out few at a time it would be better if they were printed on demand, maybe by card swipe. The other printer is a DYMO... More
Improve Digital Signage System We have several digital signs but they SD cards on the pi have failed and we are looking for a more consistant way to display webpages as signs.    Test out https://github.com/TOLDOTECHNIK/buildroot-webkit  Test on... More
Organize video and Audio editing software on VR Computer [comment_body]
3D print covers for Wire wheels The wire wheel in the metal shop needs covers on the sides, so if someone could design and print 2 of those (matching up with the screw holes and leaving the front exposed) that would be super duper. [comment_body]
Spanish translations for key signage Translate language to creative Spanish versions of key saftey signage in space. Speak with Kate or JR [comment_body]
Trouble shoot jelly fish lamp The lamp over the couches should move. Something failed. Go through and figure out what went wrong and repair. [comment_body]
task priority: 3 - Low
Status Title Claimed by Detail
Make dust collection ports for trim router bases
Vaccum the space! If at any point you would like to do any vacuuming around the space (shops, hallways, main space, etc), it would be greatly appreciated! [comment_body]
Spruce up outdoor space (back of room, garden area). Any help picking up trash/cleaning/sprucing up the little outdoor hangout area would be great! [comment_body]
Replace Ikea library Claire Scanlon We have a little library next to the kegerator, and it would be great to replace it with something made at MakeHaven [comment_body]
Build a spice rack for the kitchen Claire Scanlon We have outgrown our little countertop spice rack. Woodworkers, can you help build us a larger maybe even wall-mounted spice rack? Be in touch with staff if you need wood for this project.  [comment_body]
Assist with standardizing software on computers. Claire Scanlon There is a list of software we want installed on all four of the computer workstations.  https://www.makehaven.org/i/1054   Ask JR for admin password. [comment_body]