⚠️ Important Notice:

Before attempting any repair involving disassembly, you must:

  1. Have explicit staff consent.
  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Volunteer Tasks To Do

Status Title Volunteering Detail
Band Saw Unclaimed By Polly Korbel. Hello! I stopped by to use the bandsaw and saw that the saw was out. I am not sure how to fix this. If there is something I can do please let me know and if it is fixed please also let me know - thank you :) [... More
Equipment page updating needed + Add Quiz Unclaimed By Young Le. Volunteer Assigned: Lior Trestman
, Volunteer Assigned: Young Le
Group: Plastics

1. Manual link does not work. New link... More
Printer issue with loading media Unclaimed By Vlad Alexandrescu. The printer is having trouble starting a print job because of a media loading error. I am told to reset lever and reload media which restarts the process, only to be prompted with the same error . it is a loop... More
quiz didn't work Unclaimed By Linda Parsloe. on website, the quiz didn;t work [comment_body]
Abrasive is not getting used Unclaimed By Abel Riboulot. The abrasive does not come out it seems [comment_body]
Reinstall CutStudio CJ Miller By Stephen Cebik. Roland CutStudio misbehaving (files that opened in the past won't open/translate now; software crashes) - reinstall? [comment_body]
Missing piece Unclaimed By John Clark. Small piece of black plastic missing from hat hoop attachment, makes a noticeable difference in quality of embroidery [comment_body]
One is not available Unclaimed By Wangbiao Guo. Hi, There are two incubator 7511, the above one doesn't work, is that possible to fix it as below one? [comment_body]
Need more mild steel filler wire Unclaimed By David Pagano. [comment_body]
Priority: 1 - High - Important and time sensitive
Status Title Volunteering Detail
Banding happening on prints. Nozzle check shows major gaps in M2 & especially C2 Unclaimed By Kate Cebik. Nozzle gaps remain after light medium & heavy cleaning as well as heavy nozzle-specific cleaning and head maintenance. Unable to print decent prints. [comment_body]
Priority: 2 - Medium - Important but not critical or time sensitive
Status Title Volunteering Detail
Top feed problem Unclaimed By Kate Cebik. Reported by Linda P from facilitator session with Regina 4/22/24: The machine top feed kept breaking. [comment_body]
Adding Tool Plate Images and Serial Numbers Unclaimed By Make Haven. We want to have the tool plates of all of our tools that have them on file. We can upload the images to the website, we have done many but not all. The job requires taking pictures of tool plates, and/or typing the... More
Update / Add Tool Values Unclaimed By Make Haven. For insurance we should have all the values of the tools in the space added up. We have a field where we can add this in the tool page (with proper permissions). We could use someone who is willing to look up each tool... More
Vacuum filter on woodshop AC Unclaimed By Lior Trestman. The woodshop gets hot, and the filter in front of the AC gets clogged. This then causes the AC to draw too much electricity and pop the breaker. So vacuuming the filter would be great! [comment_body]
Diagnose and repair or replace media computer CJ Miller By J.R. Logan. The computer in the media room seems to have issues with connecting to USB consistently. The requires understanding computers, looking at software and possibly figuring out if there is something loose like a PCI card.... More
Ensure computer / and VR system working CJ Miller
Improve Digital Signage System Unclaimed By Make Haven. We have several digital signs but they SD cards on the pi have failed and we are looking for a more consistant way to display webpages as signs.    Test out https://github.com/TOLDOTECHNIK/buildroot-... More
Organize video and Audio editing software on VR Computer CJ Miller
Priority: 3 - Low - Nice to have
Status Title Volunteering Detail
Get Octopi Logging User Names via Custom Plugin. Unclaimed By Make Haven. We would like to get octopi to ask a username when print is clicked. This name should be logged. This can be used for follow-up, and checking if people are paying for prints. Eventually this might be updated to send a... More
Tool Descriptions Unclaimed By Make Haven. It would be helpful to have descriptions on each tool. What it is, what it does, what it is used for. You might use chatGPT to generate theses quickly and then edit and add them to to tool description pages. This should... More
Better labels for scrap metal Unclaimed By Lior Trestman. If someone wanted to put nicer labels on the shelves of the scrap metal shelves that would be great! Also a sign explaining how to identify different metals would be great. [comment_body]
Sharpen and sort drill bits Unclaimed By Lior Trestman. It would be great if someone could sharpen the drill bits (using the drill doctor) in the bins of random bits in the woodshop (labeled small bits and large bits), and then sort them into the fractional/lettered/... More
Configure and Optimize Google Analytics Account for MakeHaven.org Unclaimed By J.R. Logan. We moved to the new G4 setup for Google Analytics. We could use some help from someone experienced with Google Analytics to be sure we are configuring the account in the best way. We want to capture goals (member signup... More
Make dust collection ports for trim router bases Unclaimed
Vaccum the space! Unclaimed By Lior Trestman. If at any point you would like to do any vacuuming around the space (shops, hallways, main space, etc), it would be greatly appreciated! [comment_body]
Spruce up outdoor space (back of room, garden area). Unclaimed By Make Haven. Any help picking up trash/cleaning/sprucing up the little outdoor hangout area would be great! [comment_body]
Create chapters for badging videos Sreeram Koneru By Kate Cebik. It would be great to have jump to points for our badging videos to make referencing a specific part easy for users (like, wait, how do I focus the laser again?) These are easy to set up if you have time and can take... More
Write code so that barcoded name labels have functionality. Matt McGuirk By Make Haven. In particular we want to be able to use our phones or a stand alone scanner to scan the barcode and automatically send a email to the member reminding them that their stuff has been left too long on the table. [... More
Assist with standardizing software on computers. Claire Scanlon By Make Haven. There is a list of software we want installed on all four of the computer workstations.  https://www.makehaven.org/i/1054   Ask JR for admin password. [comment_body]
Assist with standardizing software on computers. CJ Miller By Make Haven. There is a list of software we want installed on all four of the computer workstations.  https://www.makehaven.org/i/1054   Ask JR for admin password. [comment_body]
Priority: 4 - Lowest - On the radar, but no rush at all
Status Title Volunteering Detail
Trouble shoot jelly fish lamp Thomas Anderson By Make Haven. The lamp over the couches should move. Something failed. Go through and figure out what went wrong and repair. [comment_body]