⚠️ Important Notice:

Before attempting any repair involving disassembly, you must:

  1. Have explicit staff consent.
  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Create chapters for badging videos

It would be great to have jump to points for our badging videos to make referencing a specific part easy for users (like, wait, how do I focus the laser again?) These are easy to set up if you have time and can take some notes. You just need to provide us with a timestamp (in the Hours:Minutes:Seconds format and a quick description, eg 00:06:37 How to change to blade. The waterjet video (https://youtu.be/o5vxl-Wk6fk) is a good example--see timestamps in video description. If you log these for any video in our library, just email the info to us and we can add it and make bookmarks for segments.


Some have been added to the description on YouTUbe like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPQAzW7IE9A


We would like to add time stamps to all the badges. To do so:

1. Pick a badge on this list and click into it: https://www.makehaven.org/all-badges

2. See if YouTube already has time stamps.
if Yes, transfer them one by one to the website under "timestamps"
if No, watch the video and add time stamps (Title with time and topic and links with the "t="



3 - Low - Nice to have