Resources for Entrepreneurs




Bruce O'Donnell

Startup Business Guide

Gives free advice on administrative and strategic elements of setting up and growing a startup. He has several startups at MakeHaven that have an ongoing coaching relationship. Contact him on

Alex Murdoch

Prototype Fabricator

Available for consult and hire to help make your prototypes and products, Alex has a background in Mechanical Engineering, and has several clients at MakeHaven. Contact at or @Alex_Murdoch on Slack.

Nick McGhee

Prototype Fabricator

Available for consult and hire to help make your prototypes and products, background in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a facilitator at MakeHaven. Contact at or @Nicholas McGhee on Slack.


There are also many members ready to offer freelance services.

Business Planning and Networking Resources



Startup Necessities


Patent Pending Resources

  • Wiggin and Dana: Offers Startup Discounts
  • Book: Patent Pending in 24 Hours
    • Located in MakeHaven Library


Design Prototype or MVP Development

  • Creative and Practical Product Designs LLC: Provides affordable design and CAD services for startup products
  • Big Bang IP: Professional design and prototype development services
  • Nexus Design: Wide range of product design services
    • Contact: Kurt via JR


Metal Fabricators

  • Logan Steel: Supplies metals of a wide variety and has on-site metal fabrication services.

    • 119 Empire Ave, Meriden, CT 06450

    • (203) 235-0811

  • Luckey Climbers: Local company building sculptural playgrounds. Talented artists and fabricators who may be able to provided advice.

    • Ask JR for intro to Spencer the co-owner

  • Guilford Art Center: Has facilities for a metal forge and stonecarving

  • EWS 3D: Specialty metal fabricaiton 



  • Arrow: Electronics supply company with local representatives and strong entrepreneurial support .

    • Ask JR for an introduction to a rep



  • Plastics Factory: Supplies and cuts to shape a wide variety of plastic materials

  • Modern Plastics: An industrial supplier of large volume plastics. No direct to consumer. MakeHaven has an account



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