⚠️ Important Notice:

Before attempting any repair involving disassembly, you must:

  1. Have explicit staff consent.
  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Equipment page updating needed + Add Quiz

1. Manual link does not work. New link for manual: https://www.scu.edu/media/school-of-engineering/pdfs/maker-lab-resources...
2. Add relevant equipment specs:
SHOT CAPACITY: 1.0 cu in / 16 grams (PS)
MAX TEMPERATURE: 500 deg F. (260 deg C)
MAX MOLD (OUTSIDE): 8.0"W x 5.0"H x 5.0"D
3. Create and add quiz with the following important questions:
- What's the max temperature that can be set?
- How high should the nozzle be from the mold's opening?
- etc...

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