Volunteer Leadership Structure

The following is the volunteer leadership schedule. 

Board Meetings are limited to board members and invited guests. The board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the organization is solvent and advancing the mission. Board members serve 3 year terms and ~1/3 of the board is elected every year. Nominations for board members from membership are welcomed. Prospective board members are evaluated by the governance committee and confirmed by vote of the existing board. See Board List. Board meetings are quartly and may take up any issue. Nominate for Board.

Director reports to board can be accessed at makehaven.org/reports

All committees work to advance the goals and objectives set forth in the organizational strategic plan


Express Interest in a Committee


Board Committees conduct governance and business fuctions which may include information about individuals and sensitive policies. Meetings are limited to committee members (board and appointed members) and invited guests. Each committee has a committee chair person appointed by the board chair person.

  • Governance Committee - Review high level policy, champion strategic plan, determine board rules and composition.
    Staff Lead: JR
    • Chair: Tim Cowan
    • Joel Greenwood 
    • Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez
    • Vacancy
  • Finance Committee - Provide financial oversight, review quarterly reports, develop annual budget.
    • Staff Lead: JR
    • Chair: Malik Okoro
    • Michelle Morgan
    • Fred Lorthioir
    • Vacancy
  • Facility Safety and Accessibility Committee - Determining safe facility policies and ensuring facility is accessible
    • Staff Lead: Lior
    • Safety Officer: JR
    • Chair: Joel Greenwood
    • Michelle Morgan
    • Vacancy
  • Resource Development Committee - Fundraising from sponsors, donors, and grant writing.
    • Staff Lead: Kate
    • Staff Support: JR
    • Chair: TBD
    • Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez
    • Jamie Slenker
    • Jessica James (contractor)
  • Outreach and Member Retention - Marketing for inclusive recruitment and supporting experiences that reduce member churn.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Fosting a culture of inclusion and sense of belonging in members. (meeting schedule TBD)
    • Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez (chair)
    • Michelle Morgan 
    • Malik Okoro
    • Hackett Landefeld


Express Interest in a Committee


What does a committee Chair do?

  • Make decision on meeting schedule and changes
  • Determine and communicate the meeting agenda
  • Decide who is on committee (enter and leave)
  • Maintain the list of members in the corresponding group (staff can provide technical assistance)
  • Ensure someone emails post meeting summary notes to group email for the record.
  • Make a short report to board at meetings (or identify board member to do so)


Annual Board and Committee Schedule 
Committee schedule is a minimum number of meetings, committees may choose to have additional meetings. 
(Committee focus area suggestion is subject to change)


  Q1 (Jan - Mar) Q2 (Apr - Jun) Q3 (Jul - Sep) Q4 (Oct - Dec)
1st Quarter TBD
Annual Members Meeting      
1st month (execpt Q4)
3rd Wednesday 5:30 pm
 Previous Year Reports, board member nominations open

Annual Board Meeting
Director Annual Review, Election of new officers and members . Conflict of interest statments.

Annual Review of Strategic Plan and Fundraising December Meeting
Approval of Next Year's Budget

2nd Month, 1st Wednesday 3:30pm

Determine Slate of Board and Officers As needed

Prospect Board Member Identification and Strategic Plan Review

As needed

3rd month 2 Tuesday 
Each Quarter Report
by 2nd Tuesday,

Email report review,
Meet As needed
Review Reports
990 Tax review
Email report review,
Meet As needed
December Meeting
Review Reports
Review Proposed Budget

Facility Safety and Accessibility

3rd month
 2nd Thursday 2:30pm

Previous Year. All incidents and warnings in Review Policy and Procedure Review Equipment Review and annual Walk Through  Accessablity Review

Resource Development 

3rd Month, 1st Monday 5:30pm

Grants Sponsors and
Donor Recognition
Year End Fundraising Individual Fundraising

Outreach & Retention

2nd Month,
Wednesday 5:30pm

Marketing and Partnerships / Collaborations for Inclusion Member Satisfaction/ Retention and New Member Engagement Social Media and online advertising and Revenue Generating Education/Events/Activities

New Member Recruitment and Member Focused Educational Resources


Actual Scheduled Meetings



Community Facilitators

Volunteer 4 hours per week and help people learn.

More at: https://makehaven.org/facilitate


Volunteer Tasks - Individual members can help by doing things to help MakeHaven. There is an online task list, be sure to check the task when complete to be recognized.