Volunteer Leadership Structure

The following is the volunteer leadership schedule. 

Board Meetings are limited to board members and invited guests. The board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the organization is solvent and advancing the mission. Board members serve 3 year terms and ~1/3 of the board is elected every year. Nominations for board members from membership are welcomed. Prospective board members are evaluated by the governance committee and confirmed by vote of the existing board. See Board List. Board meetings are quartly and may take up any issue. Nominate for Board.


All committees work to advance the goals and objectives set forth in the organizational strategic plan


Board Committees conduct governance and business fuctions which may include information about individuals and sensitive policies. Meetings are limited to committee members (board and appointed members) and invited guests. Each committee has a committee chair person appointed by the board chair person.

  • Governance Committee
    • Staff: JR
    • Catherine Cazes-Wiley
    • Vacancy
  • Finance Committee
    • Lisa Howie (committee chair)
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy
    • Staff: JR
  • Resource Development Committee
    • Staff: JR, Kate
    • Jamie Slenker
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy
  • Safety and Accessibility Committee
    • Staff: JR, Lior
    • Joel Greenwood
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy

Member Teams are formed by the board and serve important organizational goals. Executive Director apoints committe chair for annual terms. Board chair may remove any Comittee Chair or member. Committe members are appointed by committee chair, and typically earned by attendence. Decisions are by majority vote of committee members (attending or not). Committees may vote to modify their own membership rules and voting procedures. The mandate of these committees is to cooridnate the membership in advancing the committee goals, staff are collbaborators but assignment of tasks to staff should be avoided.  Meetings are on a regular schedule and have defined membership but observers may join at any time.  Committees may request to be assigned a budget by the board, spending is subject to staff approval.


  • Outreach & Retention
    New Member Recruitment and retention / Marketing / Inclusive Outreach
    • Lead Staff: Kate
    • TBD
  • Member Experience (formerlly known as Facility)
    Membership Experience / Facility / Equipment
    • Lead Staff: Lior
    • TBD
  • Education
    Member Activities / Education / Workshops
    • Lead Staff: JR
    • TBD


Express Interest in a Committee


Groups have an idenfied leader (Elected and changed at any group meeting with 48 hour notice and 5 or more members) and membership defined by a "group-" Slack Channel. They may meet on a regular or ad-hoc schedule, as such they may not be reflected on this calendar (best to monitor conversation in Slack ). Groups focus is on coordinating activity to improve experience and engagement with their area of interest. Groups may propose spending which is approved from staff or committee budgets. A Group may petition the board of directors to be elevated to committee status, therefore earning the ablity to have a budget, defined membership and a standing schedule of meetings.

  • #group-printmaking
  • #group-woodworking
  • #group-textile
  • #group-radio
  • #group-metal
  • #group-enterprenureship
  • #group-brewing


Volunteer Tasks - Individual members can help by doing things to help MakeHaven. There is an online task list, be sure to check the task when complete to be recognized.


Annual Board and Committee Schedule 
Committee schedule is a minimum number of meetings, committees may choose to have additional meetings. (Committee focus area suggestion is subject to change)


  Q1 (Jan - Mar) Q2 (Apr - Jun) Q3 (Jul - Sep) Q4 (Oct - Dec)
Board Annual Membership Meeting, Previous Year Reports, board member nominations open

Director Annual Review, Election of new officers and members (Annual Board Meeting)

Annual Review of Strategic Plan and Fundraising Oct: Year End Fundrising
December:Approval of Next Year's Budget
Governance Board Policy / Bylaws Review Determine Slate of Board and Officers Strategic Plan Review Board Member Identification
Finance Finance policies review overview 990 Tax review,  Mid Year Checkin Develop Next Year Budget
Resource Development  Grants Donor Recognition Year End Fundraising Individual Fundraising
Safety and Accessablity Previous Year. All incidents and warnings in Review Policy and Procedure Review Equipment Review and annual Walk Through  Accessablity Review
Outreach & Retention Marketing for Inclusion Partnerships / Collaborations Social Media and online advertising New Member Recruitment
Member Experience Member Satisfaction/ Retention New Member Engagement Facilities / Culture / Vibe Engagement in Organizational Volunteer Activities
Education  Overview Plan for Year Credentialed Skill Building Programs Member Focused Educational Resources Revenue Generating Events/Activities


Actual Scheduled Meetings