⚠️ Important Notice:

Before attempting any repair involving disassembly, you must:

  1. Have explicit staff consent.
  2. Be highly experienced in the task at hand.

Please do not risk further damage or personal safety. If unsure, consult with staff first.

Configure and Optimize Google Analytics Account for MakeHaven.org

We moved to the new G4 setup for Google Analytics. We could use some help from someone experienced with Google Analytics to be sure we are configuring the account in the best way. We want to capture goals (member signup, email signup, event registration...). We also want to remove some page that are autoloading such as waiver and displays so data is real people.

It would also be help to look through it and help staff understand what insights we can gather. This could also be shared with the board, outreach committee and membership for insight/feedback.

3 - Low - Nice to have