Member Referral Program

Any time a new member signs up and lists you as the referring member on the online registration page, we will apply a $60* credit to your account! A free month of making to thank you for spreading the word.

How does it work?

Easy. Tell your friends, neighbors, Twitter followers, plumber and cousins to join MakeHaven. When they sign up, they just need to list you as the referring member. We will then apply a credit to your account in the amount of the membership signup (eg standard member = $60 credit for you;  household membership = $30 credit for you).


But that's not all!

When the person you refer signs up for a standard membership,  they will receive $5/off per month every month for the next 10 months--a $60 bonus for them too! Nice!

Questions? Email


Fine print stuff: new member must remain active for at least one month. But we hope they will be making for a long time. Because making is the best.

*$60 credit based on a standard membership signup. As noted above, other membership types will result in a credit equal to the value of one month for that membership type. New standard member = $60 credit for you;  household membership = $25 credit for you. 

**$5 monthly discount available only to standard memberships with a referring member listed at signup. Discount will be applied starting in the second month of membership and will continue for 10 months total. Not available for student memberships, partnership memberships, corporate memberships, household memberships, members on scholarship or any other membership already receiving a discounted rate.