MakeHaven Scholarship Application


The generosity of our supporters allows us to scholarship toward memberships. Scholarships cover a portion of the membership fee based on an individual's ablity to pay.

Scholarships are granted for a 6-month period, at which time we check-in to reevalute based on continued need, use of space, and availbility in our scholarship fund. MakeHaven members receiving scholarship recieve all the rights, limitations and obligations of standard membership. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and awards given as resources allow at the sole discretion of MakeHaven. Although a price reduction of any amount can be requested based on need, typical awards result in a monthly discount of $15 to $35. At the end of term awardees may reapply.

Applications are evaluated based on several factors. The following are considered favorable factors when reviewing applications:

  • Applicant shows a desire to contribute to the maker movement by assisting others in learning and creating.
  • Applicant is an aspiring entrepreneur without access to resources who demonstrates a desire to learn and prototype.
  • Applicant is economically disadvantaged or could not afford membership for other reasons.
  • Applicant adds skills, experience or unique perspective to our community.
  • The applicant adds diversity to our membership. We espeially aim to increase membership for:
    • People of color
    • Those identifying as women or non-binary
    • Veterans

Must be over 18 years of age to apply.

Basic Information
Demographic Information