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New tools of biotechnology will change our world. These innovations in biotechnology can improve lives if accessible to everyone. We cultivate a community that democratizes access to biotechnology and brings ethical creativity to biology. The community supports cooperation on biology projects, and hosts activities that cultivate enthusiasm for biology in the public.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is MakeHaven's Community Bio Initiative?
MakeHaven's Community Bio Initiative is a collection of activities: gardening, brewing, online presentations, culinary experimentation and the community bio room. MakeHaven's Bio Room is a complete working laboratory for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to access equipment for advanced biotechnology.
What is Citizen Science?
A Citizen Scientist is an amateur or non-professional scientist participating in scientific research. The goals of Citizen Science can include creating an open dialogue and collaboration between professional research and general public for the benefit of society. Research can often take place in a Makerspace or Hackerspace.
Isn’t allowing people to work in a biology lab dangerous?
Our biology lab functions at a Biosafety Level – 1 level (BSL-1), which is equivalent to what you would find in a high school biology lab. We require all our members to undergo safety orientation.
What do I need to do to join?

Anyone can participate in the events and our community forum on slack. To gain access to the lab you must have a MakeHaven membership, plus agree to the policies of the lab. (See Policies Document)


Requirements for Use
Required Badges: 

Community Bio

This badge requires review and undersanding of the Community Bio Room Policies.

Watch Video
Pass Quiz
Badge applied after successful quiz
Special Requirements: 

Wash Hands

Closed-Toe Shoes

Closed toed shoes are required.

Instructions for Use: 

Biohazard Safety Level 1


  • Wash Hands 
  • No eating and drinking
  • No pathogenic organisms
Item Area Interest: 

Materials for Sale

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Nitrile Exam Gloves A single nitrile glove. Vinyl gloves are available for free in the casting area. $0.25 per 1 glove Add to cart

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