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reservationNID What When Who Why Details Time Till Reservation.
19834 Media Studio Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm Renae Rodriguez Personal Project Interview, please do not disturb. Will likely be done... more 11 hours 19 min hence

Media Studio

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Room dedicated to audio recording, music production, podcasts, photography and video production.

This room is reservable.

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Reservation Rules

  • Reservations must be 4 hours in advance.
  • Reservations are limited to 8 hours maximum at any time.
  • Reservation frequency must be limited to a level conducive with others utilizing the space.
  • Any reservation which is not being utilized for 15 minutes is no longer becomes invalid and anyone can step in.
  • Staff have the right to reject reservations.
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Recommeneded Software

Audacity - Audio manipulation

LMMS - Midi based music composition

Resolve - Free Video editor

Supercollider - Code based sound production



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