Wine Bottle Holder

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Skill Level: 
Find a piece of wood
  • Look for something at least ½” thick, 2 ½” wide, and 8” long
  • Make sure the grain of the wood goes with the  length of the wood, or else it will break easily
  • The piece I chose has a ‘live edge’, which means that its edge was on the outside of the tree
Cut your piece down to length
  • Use the combination square to mark the length, and then to draw the line all the way across
  • I cut mine to 13”, but anything longer than 8” should work

*Note: If your piece is too thick or wide, you may need to use the planer or table saw to change that

Mark the spot for the hole
  • Draw a line about 3 ⅛” down from the top
  • Measure the width of your piece (in my case 4 ½”), and put a mark at half of that width (2 ¼” on mine), at the distance from the top (3 ⅛”) that you marked
  • This should give you the spot along the midline of your board, a little more than 3” down from the top
Drill the hole
  • Put a scrap piece of wood under your board, and use the clamp to hold them down
  • Put the drill bit on a low to medium speed, and use a 1 ½” forstner bit to make the hole
Cut the bottom edge
  • The angle for the bottom edge depends on the length of your board. The longer your board, the shallower the angle. My board balanced with the wine at 22°.
  • Cut the angle starting at 22°, test with a bottle, and increase the angle as necessary until your bottle balances
Finish your project
  • Use sandpaper to clean off any corners, and an eraser to remove pencil marks.
  • If you’d like, wipe your board with Boiled Linseed Oil, which will offer your piece some water protection, and darken it slightly. Elevating the piece with painter’s pyramids lets you oil both sides.
  • Don’t forget to vacuum up!
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