Improve VR Setup

We have a VR setup on the big screen but we need someone who can put good software on for expeirences/demos (not focused on games). Key would be identifying a few experiences we can have the public do at events and activities. It would also be good to figure out how to mount the monitor so that peopel can do some development in Unity.  It would also be good to figure out how to better manage the cables so they dont get walked on.



3D Organon VR anatomy, Wrench and Tilt Brush would be good software to purchase for oculus rift. 3D Organon is anatomy education software. Wrench is mechanic simulator and tilt brush is 3d vr sculpting/painting. That would cost $30, $20, $20. There is paint vr for $5 but I don't know anything about it. There are number of free educational and artistic experiences available from oculus rift marketplace. Recommend night cafe, dreams of dali, travel vr, the body vr, experience color blindness, bbc home a vr space walk, google earth vr with street view, international space station tour (so good), Cable management can be done with