Digital Fabrication


VCarve Pro is a powerful but intuitive software for creating and cutting parts on a CNC Router.  VCarve Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths, plus gives you the ability to create designs with v-carving textures as well as import and machine unlimited Vectric 3D clipart or single model files. 



Solidworks is a professional CAD software. MakeHaven members get free access to Solidworks for Education 2021 to download to their own computer.  

Download Education Version Instruction: If you are a member login to see instructions or download/access on this page.


Profesional Version:

MakeHaven also has designated machines with access to commerical versions of Solidworks Software. These include:

FormLabs 3B Resin 3d Printer

This is a SLA 3D Printer, which uses light to cure resin in layers. This allows it to get very high resolution. There are a number of resins available, including an engineering grade resin, as well as high-temp resin, appropriate for making injection molds.

Build Volume: 
14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm
5.7 × 5.7 × 7.3 in