HERMS Progress

Hey MakeHaven,

Just wanted to let everyone know we have several updates to the HERMS project page.  Have a look to get up to speed.


We're still refining the process, but we're also making beer.  I was considering scheduling a brew day to introduce people to the project, and get them some time using the machine.

We are also working on several projects stemming from this one which are really interesting.

1. We want to build a temperature controller which can take a schedule.  I already have all the parts for this project.  It will use a MSP430, a thermistor, and a relay.

2. We need to make a stir plate.  This will use a strong magnet, a computer fan, potentiometer, and a power supply.  It is a good intro project that we really need for the following project:

3. We want to work with Yeast.  Andrew is coming up with all kinds of fun stuff to do with yeast.  We're going to grow existing yeast to save on beer costs, but we're also going to breed our own yeast.  Really interesting stuff like observing cell counts with a microscope to ensure good start for our beer.  Andrew showed me a beer made from a guy harvesting yeast from his beard.  We're not going to do that one, but you can't get any more local than harvesting a yeast from somewhere close by.

Let me know what you think.