Custom Carpet with a Tufting Gun for Beginners

Sunday, December 4, 2022 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
2 days remaining

Tufting is a process by which custom carpets can be made. The artist sketches a pattern on a cloth, then uses a tufting gun to inject the yarn into the cloth. During this session participants will learn hands-on how to tuft their own simple design. Each participant will be assigned the use of tufting gun and frame, all materials will be provided to create a rug approximately 20" x24". Over the two sessions participants will create a carpet of their own design which they can take home.

PLEASE NOTE: This class has 2 sessions: Sunday 10am-4:30pm, and then Tuesday 6-7:30pm to complete the rug.

The finished result looks like this.





Note: Please be aware that MakeHaven is located in New Haven, CT.

Real name: 
Lila Khan


Instructor Bio: 

Lila has participated in the MakeHaven Foundations of Fabrication course and is a designer and maker.  She earned her M.S. at Pratt Institute in Packaging Design.   She has enthusiastically embraced tufting and is excited to share what she has learned with others.  Lila is 1st Generation and biracial and believes that representation matters.  

When capacity of event is full you may join the Waiting List. For online events a link to join the session will be automatically emailed after registration.
Covid Vaccination Required
Mask required