Lifecasting: Molding the Head and Face!

Repeats every week 2 times.
Saturday, October 1, 2022 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Learn the fascinating possibilities of life casting just in time for Halloween! In this two-part workshop, students will learn the exciting process of making molds from a live subject. Two different lifecasting techniques will be covered: a reusable full head and neck mold using silicone rubber, as well as a single-use face mold using alginate rubber. Both methods will cover the application of plaster bandages to create support shells, and students will create a single plaster cast of their own faces to keep.

Session One (Saturday, October 1st)
During this professional demonstration, students will see the process of molding the human head from start to finish. Using a live model, the instructor will cover preparation, mixing and application of skin-safe silicone to create a highly accurate mold of the model's head and neck, followed by the proper application of a rigid support shell of plaster bandages. Moldmaking concepts, best practices, and safety will be covered, as well as common pitfalls to avoid when casting from life. Once the mold is removed from the model, students will learn professional patching and finishing techniques to ensure a professional result and set themselves up for success when casting from their own molds. Time permitting, discussion will follow and students will have a chance to examine the completed mold and ask questions about their own project ideas.

Session Two (Saturday, October 8th)
To begin, the fully-cured life mold from Session One will be used to make a cast in resin and foam. Materials concepts including choosing a resin, rotational casting by hand, and using foam to backfill a cast will be covered during this demonstration. Students will then pair up to utilize the previous week's techniques, taking turns to create single-use molds of their own faces using alginate rubber in a fun and easy partner activity. They will learn to mix and pour plaster to make a permanent face cast from their biodegradable alginate molds which will be theirs to keep and take home after the class. Once dry, these casts can be painted, used to make custom prosthetics, or molded with a reusable rubber to make duplicates...the possibilities are endless!

No experience necessary. Participants will finish class with a plaster cast of their own face!

Real name: 
Julia Murphy


Instructor Bio: 

Julia Murphy is a classically trained figurative sculptor located in Seymour Connecticut. She owns and operates Toolmark Studio, offering professional sculpting services, commission sculpture and original art.

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